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Pimps and Bimbos

Weirdest beginning of an article I’ve read in awhile:

Motorcycle daredevil Evel Knievel cannot sue a Web site that published a photo of him with two women above a caption reading “You’re never too old to be a pimp,” a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday.

The term “pimp” was probably intended as a compliment, the court said. But Knievel said, “What good is law in the United States of America if five or six goddamn bimbos are going to rule against it?”

What good is free speech law? Evel. For real.

4 thoughts on Pimps and Bimbos

  1. Did they photoshop the pic to accessorize Evel with a feather boa and some gold chains? Because that would be stylin’.

    I digress… I would think that Evel would have a right to stop the sale of shirts since they use his likeness and are being sold for profit. If they are profiting off the man and not giving him a cent in return, I could see a case there. But as for the photo’s caption itself, I’d be afraid if that wasn’t perfectly legal. As reprehensible as some speech is, we still have free speech in this country. Ruling a image and caption like that illegal would potentially place bloggers like me in legal hot water for running “Caption It!” threads with photos from the news.

    And, BTW.. Holy posting tonight, Batman! Everytime I refresh Loaded Mouth and check the Living Blogroll, there’s 2-3 more feministe posts.

  2. Knievel calling any woman a “bimbo” is absolutely nuts….which he is! This from a man who made too much money selling HIS body…dearly.

  3. I think the bimbos he was refering to were the judges on the U.S. Appeals court. Also, he probably took offense to the “pimp” reference, believing it was slander, or some such.

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