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About Piny

I’m the second mystery blogger. I wish I could promise that this is the last delayed post, but I’m not blessed with much free time. Plus, it’s much harder to write a post than to snark in comments.

I would like to thank Lauren for asking me to help take over her blog. I’m sad to see her go. She’s an amazing writer, and an invite from her is high praise indeed. I am not at all confident that I’ll be able to maintain the standard she’s set, but I promise to do my best. Hopefully, it’ll be at least a few weeks before my corner of the blog starts looking like a seventh-grader’s livejournal. I’m very excited about blogging with Jill and Zuzu and conversing with all of you, procrastination notwithstanding.

I’m a queer twenty-three-year-old transguy. I’m hoping to get an MFA at some point. At the moment, I’m working in an office, attending school part-time, and enjoying life without debt. I also plan to remain anonymous, and definitely will not be posting any pictures of myself. It’s more magical thinking than anything else, but I like to have a little blog privacy. I have a cat who actually looks a lot like Zuzu (the cat), and may or may not post pictures of her. I’m very close to my family, parents and siblings, but I plan to preserve their anonymity as well. I’m currently single, and my dating exploits have lately been confined to that convenience store of romance, craigslist.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to blog about. My main focus in comments threads, as most of you are aware, has been on gender, transgender, and transsexual issues. With women like Zuzu and Jill on board, I’m a little anxious about posting on feminism in general. I’ll do some thinking and see if I can find something interesting to say. I have a couple of ideas about substantive posts related to trans stuff, and one idea for a substantive post on body-image (totally independent of trans stuff), so I’ll go from there. This is a feminist blog, so I need to do some heavy lifting around feminism. If you people have lately been preoccupied by anything in particular, please bring it up in comments.

I’m really glad to be here.