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About Holly

Portrait of Holly

Holly grew up mostly in Seattle, occasionally in Osaka, and a little bit in London. But now she lives in New York, where she makes things. She used to make the cover of the Style section and webzines of autobiographical non-fiction and digital bricks and newsletters about gay rights. Now she spends most of her time making video games, some of her time volunteering in the collective that runs the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, and not enough of her time reading blogs she admires and enjoys.

Some of the games Holly has worked on include a game about middle-school girls vying for popularity, a game about revolutionary eggs experiencing dialectic struggles through time travel, and a game about coping with neurotic coworkers.

Holly is multiracial, queer, a drummer, temporarily able-bodied, the daughter of a feminist author and a draft-dodging microbiologist, a 70 troll rogue, an activist, trans, a 2nd-generation Asian-American, a designer, a nerd, and a woman of color. But certainly not in that order.

Holly is not a big fan of gender. Her piratical portrait was painted by mishinsilo, but she doesn’t really have an eyepatch.