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About Sady

Sady is all over the Internet! She has blogged all over, and occasionally even done some of that “print blogging” (“writing?”) that you hear so much about lately. Here are some facts about Sady:

1) She lives in Astoria! New York!
2) She wants a dog! But her landlord is mean.
3) She is a freelance writer! For Feministe, she writes about Ladies in the Arts.
4) She follows her mom on Twitter! One of the Tweets was, “Sad Dixie Carter died. I still use her yoga videos.”
5) She really likes her mom. And, hey: Maybe she likes you, too! We don’t know. Science has not yet answered this question.

For more information about Sady, please visit the website she runs (Recent Review: “Self-absorbed even for a blogger”),