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Feministe Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster a dynamic, robust, progressive, and inclusive feminist community.

Ways And Means:

(a) prioritising women’s voices and centering discussion informed by pro-feminist, anti-oppression, and broadly intersectional social justice worldviews.

(b) facilitating a discussion space where readers feel comments are productive and not bigoted, nor marginalizing, nor erasing of non-normative points of view. We decline to publish comments that are racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise unacceptable.

(c) offering a composite expression of the variations in the lives women lead and the varied views women hold, by encouraging all authors to share their personal reflections on *any* aspects of society and culture they may wish to criticize, analyze, satirize, recommend, mock, condemn or celebrate.

(d) highlighting instances/systems of oppression, and effective allyship for marginalized voices, especially supporting our co-authors, contributors and commentors who are sharing perspectives from their own lived experiences of navigating oppression and marginalization.

(e) soliciting diverse guest bloggers with broadly compatible goals and interests to expand the range of views expressed here.

(f) seeking new voices with diverse feminisms and lived experiences who are willing to become part of the Feministe blogging collective.

(g) supporting and protecting our commenting community, whose contributions as an essential driver of substantive discussions we acknowledge and value, by consistently enforcing our commenting guidelines.

(h) encouraging our commentariat to self-protect their community here by keeping systems in place for rigorously challenging and reporting breaches of our community netiquette.

This Mission Statement will remain a work in progress.

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