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About tigtog

tigtog started blogging in 2005. Most folk call her Viv – tigtog is a childhood nickname with a family story of the sort that bores non-family rigid. Viv is content to be a curmudgeon and aspires to a gleefully cantankerous cronehood. Viv’s primary blog is Hoyden About Town, which features other outspoken Australian women as co-bloggers.

Anti-feminist stalkers are still upset that tigtog founded the Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog in 2006 and seem much less upset by Viv also having founded an Australian comedy website called Gagging For It (Oz Comedy News) at about the same time. tigtog has also written for Australian poliblog Larvatus Prodeo and provided their tech support, also has provided tech support for FWD/Forward: FWD (feminists with disabilities) for a way forward, Geek Feminism Blog and here at Feministe for several years before beginning to blog here regularly.

Viv is for hire as a webwrangler.