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Tim Northern

On my twice-monthly jaunt to the local comedy night, I noticed that one of my favorite comics from the last year was in the back attending the show.

Tim Northern, as quoted from his puny website, has an “articulate, smart and deceptively witty style.” And he does not shy from puns. Fantastic puns. Oh, the puns.

As he did the last night he was in town, we chatted for a long while about a number of things, including feminism, of which he says he is a believer. He and Mimi Gonzalez are my favorite comics to have passed through town last year, and both of them stayed for a long while afterward to talk and endure our horrible jokes we tell to try and impress the funny people.

Laura Kinsale, Debbie Stoller and Inga Muscio have contacted me for various reasons through my internet presence, as I imagine it’s our inherent vanity to Google ourselves, just as authors have admitted to obsessively checking their sats at Amazon to see what people have to say about their work and where their books chart on the selling lists.

Anyhow, I mention Northern now because he assured me he would find my site. I don’t believe him, but we’ll see if he’s vain enough to Google himself here.

Hi, Tim.