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NEWSFLASH: Soldiers Prefer Providing Humanitarian Aid to Fighting in Iraq

No shit:

U.S. military crews are launching more than 100 helicopter flights a day from the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln ferrying food, water and medicine to tsunami victims, a task they say is far more satisfactory than the Iraq war that seems only to destroy.

“Oh yeah, no doubt,” said U.S. Navy helicopter pilot Rachel Brainard. “Here we’re helping people, not destroying things.”

There must be a lack of good news. No other explanation for this business.

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  1. Yeah, no kidding. My cousin’s in Mosul and I asked him right around Christmas if he thought they were helping people. His response was, “Well, if you consider us running over some guy’s crappy car with our Stryker and then giving him some money, then, yeah, I guess. ”
    This was right before he told about me about getting a grenade thrown at him by an 8-year-old. Good times.

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