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The moron’s guide to feminism

Hello, flute here, not Lauren. Forget the sexes for a moment. Imagine a society split down the middle for another reason. One half more opportunity than the other. One half has more control in the way “things are”. By doing this, the potential of half the population is unrealised and society as a whole is not acheiving what it could, either culturally or economically. In cold terms, talent is being picked from a smaller pool. In the long run everyone is worse off than if the opportunity is given to all. The haves will continue to bias the system against the have nots. After hundreds of years of this the haves no longer consciously realise there is a problem. Now somehow this has fallen on lines of gender. It is deeply entrenched. The change starts when it becomes accepted by the mainstream that there is an imbalance. The mainstream happens to be controlled by men. So instead of getting defensive about the issue, open your eyes and make a difference. For men with daughters, do you really want your children to grow up facing barriers that you never ever faced just because of their gender? Or have you cast them already in the mould of “homemaker” before seeing what they could achieve? The first stage is acceptance of the problem, and in that we have a long long way to go.

Cats later.

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  1. In cold terms, I believe that through competition we’ve seen that certain traits are favored by the market and those with out such traits fare poorly. It is social darwinism. Those that can’t compete lose. I don’t want to replace a system of competition with a system of equal division.

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