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In depth SOTU analysis

Flute here again, not Lauren. I read Bush’s annual turn at the comedy club, in case you missed it, it went like this. Ignore the shitty economy, you’ve never had it so good, spend money on tanks and bombs not health and education, love God, hate the queers and dykes, don’t screw a business in the courts if they screw you, give help to young men, teach women how to boil an egg, love God, love me, and bomb the bastards.

Same old diversionary stuff that we get here. Look over there at that single mum gay atheist terrorist refugee (while I take a crap in your sink).

5 thoughts on In depth SOTU analysis

  1. The beauty is you don’t need everyone to fall for it. Just a few dumbos. Then when the left blame the idiots for falling for it, the right gets all uppity and accuses the left of being elitist. Their support base grows (you can’t accuse people of being morons you know). Its ironic that the left believe there is strength in educating people and the right only educate the rich, or rather allow them to pay for qualifications. They manufacture the ignorance and then pretend to be the guardians and protectors of the lower classes they have created, demonising the left in the process. It’s part of the wonderful mindset that makes it so easy to be right wing. You just push buttons and scare people a bit (Ignore that man behind the curtain), and build enough of a base to get over the line. Don’t worry about solving real problems, just keep the cash and run.

  2. There goes the neighbourhood.

    With my expensive tastes and two cats (see those on Friday) I have to do a bit of moonlighting to still have jam on my bread.

  3. If you were trying to quote the Family Guy, I believe you’re looking for

    “Look! It’s a newly-married interracial gay couple burning the American flag!”


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