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Spillover #22

A red "Keep Calm" poster with the caption KEEP CALM AND STAY ON TOPICThe commenting period on the 21st #spillover thread is expiring, so it’s time for a new one. Some reminders:

  1. #spillover is part of our comment moderation system for keeping other threads on-topic. It is intended as a constructive space for tangential discussions which are veering off-topic on other threads. This is part of our blog netiquette, which has the general goal of making it as simple as possible for commentors to find discussions focussed on topics of particular interest without entirely stifling worthwhile tangents of sorta-related or general interest. #spillover is also a space for those ongoing/endless disagreements and 101 issues that just keep on popping up.
  2. Commentors are encouraged to respect the topic of each post and be proactive regarding inevitable thread-drift in long threads: we hope that commentors will cheerfully volunteer to take off-topic responses into #spillover so that each post’s discussion gets room to breathe and tangents can be indulged in a room of their own.

More detailed outline/guidelines were laid out on Spillover #1.
The Moderator Team will enforce topicality where necessary, and off-topic commentors who ignore invitations from others to take their tangents to #spillover are one of the reasons commentors might consider sending the moderators a giraffe alert.

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  1. Once again, in regards to the Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday threads:

    bookshopcat, can you please elaborate on why Sue’s posts are cissexist?

    You’ve mentioned that she refuses to engage on this topic, but so far you’ve not provided any clarification either.

    If it was just me, I’d assume I was just blinded by privilege, but a number of people now have said they do not see where the issue is.

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