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My playlist for Mixmania! is going to be a bit odd. I picked out songs that I adore that are also unobtrusive and inoffensive (both of which my favorite music is often not) and they’re ready to go. To someone else’s house. Because I have yet to fix my CD burner. Praise the lord for portable drives.

My songs for Mixmania! are (not in this particular order because I can’t burn the CD myself):
1) Grizzly Bear – Fix It
2) The Detroit Cobras – Won’t You Dance With Me
3) Need New Body – Show Me Your Heart
4) Saturday Looks Good To Me – Alcohol
5) Le Tigre – Fake French
6) My Morning Jacket – O Is The One That Is Real
7) Songs: Ohia – Two Blue Lights
8) Mr. Airplane Man – Travelin’
9) Sufjan Stevens – Niagara Falls
10) Smoke City – Underwater Love
11) Grenadine – Hell Over Hickory Dew
12) M. Ward – Here Comes The Sun Again
13) Belle and Sebastian – Your Cover’s Blown
14) Donovan – Get Thy Bearings
15) Summer At Shatter Creek – Ever Changing Mood
16) Nellie McKay – David
17) Danielson Familie – Cutest Little Dragon
18) Sean Lennon – Bathtub
19) Jens Lekman – The Wrong Hands

One or two might get dropped, again because it isn’t yet burned, so we’ll see what happens. I’m stoked about my CD.

Potential replacement songs in case I don’t like the ones listed above:
Elliot Smith – Somebody That I Used To Know
Apples In Stereo – Benefits Of Lying With Your Friends
Neko Case – Look For Me (I’ll Be Around)
The Shins – Caring Is Creepy
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Drive By Truckers – Too Much Sex, Too Little Jesus

2 thoughts on Mixmania!

  1. I keep visiting people’s sites saying ‘Oh, I want *that* one” And then I move to the next site…and start coveting the next playlist.

    We’ve all got very interesting and eclectic musical tastes – this should be fun, no matter what I get!

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