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PHP is Hard

Yes, I’m trying to pass test posts as content.

I have aready accidentally rewritten the index file with the old MT index, and had to recover it. Thankfully my trusty backup files came through. But not without losing some things. Of course. Because this can’t be easy. No.

WordPress runs on completely different tags and structure than MT and it’s a daunting switch. I don’t understand the PHP calls in the pesky plug-ins and have been emailing Shelley at an alarming rate for help, cruising through the WordPress support forums in search of answers, mostly to no avail. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking for.

I have already taken on another web project that is thankfully within my grasp. In the meantime, arranging my own web space just may have to wait.

3 thoughts on PHP is Hard

  1. You’ve done a pretty good job with the site so far. I worked with WordPress for a couple of months before deciding that I wanted to chuck it out a window, I just couldn’t deal with the thing. It was just the PHP aspect that was the problem, but I found their stylesheets absolutely impossible to work with. It took me all of a week to figure out the PHP and stylesheets in Drupal, but WordPress? Forget it. I was stumped.

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