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Thanks, y’all.

Today marks my first anniversary as a Feministe blogger. I like it a lot. It’s cool.

I want to thank everyone who’s been encouraging as I’ve figured out how to do this whole blogging-for-a-community thing. I want to thank everyone who’s laughed at my jokes, because sarcasm and humor are basically the only methods I have of expressing myself while bypassing uncomfortable sincerity, so really you’re only enabling bad habits. I want to apologize to everyone I’ve insulted unintentionally–and apologize more to everyone I’ve continued insulting even after you told me what I was doing wrong–and thank you for your patience in educating me, even though it wasn’t your job, even when I didn’t appear all that educable. I want to thank everyone who’s left comments that made me think. I want to thank everyone who’s made me feel like I’m not shouting into a void, because y’all, shouting into a void is kind of spirit-sucking. I want to reaffirm my commitment to post incisive commentary and/or things about hats, to keep learning, to keep shouting into a non-void, to keep rooting for Georgia and wearing purple nail polish, and to continue using sarcasm to deflect sincerity because you’re not the boss of me.

I want to do all those things, and I can, because I have a platform. So there.

Thanks, y’all.

16 thoughts on Thanks, y’all.

  1. Yay!! Happy Anniversary Caperton!

    May I say that I have immensly enjoyed your posts, in both seriousness and humour and I hope you stick around for another year, at the VERY least.

  2. Seconding DonnaL!

    I always get excited when I check Feministe and see you have a new post up!

  3. First comment on here to say that I’ve enjoyed the hell out of your posts. Cheers for a year of good writing, and hoping that I’ll get to keep reading your stuff!

  4. Although your posts show a severe lack of haberdashery related content, you’re still pretty awesome.

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, Cap! Sarcasm is the last weapon we have left, keep it comin’ (and please re-post/update the Katniss+Ripley vs Bella riff, that was poetry).
    You’re not shouting into a void. I hear you. So do lots of others. Thanks for all the hard work. Don’t ever lose that Fire-in-the-belly, Angel.

  6. Happy anniversary! Thank you for waving the purple manicured middle finger in the faces of the patriarchal and for being Out There for all of us Southern small-town solitary feminists. while we contend with idiots who say such things as “We don’t have women’s lib in (Willacoochee, Omega, Hahira, etc. etc)”. Hang around. We love ya.

  7. your not the boss of me now, your not the boss of me now, your not the boss of me now and your not so big….

    ….life is unfair….

    (theme from malcolm in the middle, in case youre wondering)

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