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Memorial Day

Hope those of you in the U.S. are having a pleasant one. I am currently in Malaysia for the Women Deliver conference, and will be blogging some updates from here. So prepare for a few days of maternal health news! Also please prepare for slightly slower moderation over the next month, as Malaysia time is 12 hours ahead of the east coast of the United States, so I’ll be asleep while many of you are commenting. On the Memorial Day tip: As long as we’re honoring fallen American soldiers, we should maybe also honor those who are currently serving by having a real zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual assault. When 26,000 soldiers were sexually assaulted last year — up from 19,000 in 2010 — there’s clearly a cultural problem in the military.

Favorite Feminist of the Day: TigTog

Just wanted to take a moment to send some love to our tech / moderation / does-everything goddess TigTog. She keeps this place running smoothly, she’s exceptionally generous with her time and ideas, and she’s come up with and instituted many of the new comment features that are leading to more productive discussions and better moderation — calling for a giraffe, threaded comments, open threads. She is, in a word, wonderful. And she works extremely hard without the credit she deserves. So take a moment and leave a comment for TigTog — or a cat photo, or your favorite GIF, or whatever you think she would like. Because TigTog is the best and we love her.

Guidelines for submitting Guest Post Pitches

We’ve just published detailed guidelines for submitting a pitch for a Guest Post here at Feministe.

We’re also looking for some volunteers to be part of an editorial-team just for considering/managing the publication of Guest Posts (no thread-moderating duties, just editorial).

UPDATE: If you’ve arrived here only because you’ve got a Google Alert for “Guest Post” and your pitch reflects your lack of familiarity with this blog and/or unwillingness to read and abide by our Guidelines, your pitch will be deleted without response.

Admin note: up down up down

Hi everybody – just a quick explanation for why you might be finding Feministe appearing and disappearing on your screens. There’s some sort of rogue back-up configuration on our server which keeps on generating ginormous back-up files which push us over our disk quota.

This is annoying to say the least, but sleuthing is occurring. I am hopeful that we can get the rotten box with das blinkenlights to play nice sooner rather than later.

Spillover #1

[This thread is now closed. A new spillover thread is available]
Welcome to our latest moderation innovation. This thread is set aside as a constructive space for tangential discussions which are off-topic on other threads, especially for those which are lengthily discursive, challenging or downright combative.

Normal blog service will be resumed shortly

Hi all – the site has been down for a while and some of you are no doubt wondering why. A server migration is about to happen – it was scheduled to happen later this month but it needs to happen now. The site will be in maintenance mode until the migration is completed, which could take a few days if the current rate of snafu continues.

This post is thus made for the benefit of those on RSS and email subscriptions. Please feel free to quote elsewhere if people ask you what the hell is happening with Feministe.

Yes, we look a bit different

The WordPress version and theme/template have both been updated for 2012, with a new front page layout showing excerpts/teasers rather than full posts. Please let me know of any accessibility problems you experience.

Addendum: a few tweaks have been made in response to feedback. If you’re not seeing these changes, you probably need to do one or more of the following steps: