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Favorite Feminist of the Day: TigTog

Just wanted to take a moment to send some love to our tech / moderation / does-everything goddess TigTog. She keeps this place running smoothly, she’s exceptionally generous with her time and ideas, and she’s come up with and instituted many of the new comment features that are leading to more productive discussions and better moderation — calling for a giraffe, threaded comments, open threads. She is, in a word, wonderful. And she works extremely hard without the credit she deserves. So take a moment and leave a comment for TigTog — or a cat photo, or your favorite GIF, or whatever you think she would like. Because TigTog is the best and we love her.

44 thoughts on Favorite Feminist of the Day: TigTog

  1. Speaking as a mainframe COBOL dinosaur: thank you,TigTog!

    I have very litle idea what you’re actually doing on a technical level, but I know what it takes to keep a system running smoothly while upgrading and enhancing the software and hardware, and i take off my hat to you!

    I am so ignorant that I don’t know how to provide you with the gif I would like to share, mainly because my corporate overlord has a tight firewall that prevents me from sharing media.

    But I think it can be found here.

    And TigTog? You deserve a raise. 🙂

    [gif on youtube inserted by admin-magickno longer available ~ tt]

  2. I was wondering why this place runs so smoothly…

    People like Tigtog are the best!

    Thank you for your hard work! You make a positive difference.

  3. I remember seeing TigTog frequently on “Finally, a Feminism 101 Blog.” I also remember being pleasantly surprised when I started to see her around Feministe more often.

    Thanks for sticking around!

  4. Thank you so much, TigTog. I really, really appreciate the changes that you’ve made to the site. I love the open threads, and the giraffe is a great innovation.

  5. Hoyden About Town was pretty much my intro to online feminism. So thanks, TigTog, not only for your work here but your years of work all over the femoblogosphere.

  6. I think tigtog is wonderful. She’s a great feminist, and a great community builder, and she runs a fabulous blog community at Hoyden about Town, as well as doing the backroom stuff for Feministe. Irreverent (without being silly), nerdy in the best possible way, geeky, informed and informative, nurturing of young thinkers and young and new feminists. I admire her so much.

  7. It takes a lot of work to run a community like this and create a space for interesting/productive conversations while keeping the trolls at bay–thank you for all you do!!!

  8. Thank you for all your hard work and contributions you make to Feministe and other sites I visit.

    I am in awe of your skills.

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