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Because We Need and Deserve It: Pull it together, POTUS

Michelle Obama giving the stink-eye to the president as he cracks up during filming of their 2012 Christmas address
I love this man, and he is the father of my children. I love this man, and he is the father of my children. I love this man, and he is…

Surviving this year has been an accomplishment. I’m serious: The past twelve months have been so fraught with threats to the general physical and mental health of our nation and its citizens (and, for that matter, the rest of the world) that continuing to be up and around is a sign of individual fortitude and a supportive community. This is not to say that the ones we’ve lost lacked fortitude — just that 2017 was essentially a 365-day ordeal, even more so for many than for others. Everyone reading this represents a time in which, for all of the things and people that have failed us over the past year, at least a few things have held up. Unfortunately, all those things that held up are going to be even more sorely taxed throughout 2018, so I invite you to take comfort, strength, and encouragement of President Barack Obama getting the irrepressible giggles during the filming of his first White House Christmas address.

May we all take on 2018 with the patience and perseverance of Michelle Obama as her goofy-ass husband can’t get through a single sentence to shoot a four-minute video. Happy New Year, y’all.