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The Feministe store is now open at Radical Rags!

Scroll to the bottom of the Radical Rags site for the Feministe shirts, and check out the rest of the progressive designs along the way. There’s also a Shop Feministe tab at the top of this site where we’ll keep images of the most up-to-date designs and a link to Radical Rags.

Most of the shirts come in red, grey, black and white, and in men’s and women’s sizes. The quality is great, the shirts are affordable, and Radical Rags is a wonderful, progressive, socially-conscious site. More designs will be added soon. Right now, we’re selling the following shirts:






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Question for the peanut gallery

I was reading this article in Salon about the way that people over-refrigerate, putting stuff like vinegar and mustard in the fridge, when this little passage inspired me:

Some other cooled peculiarities verged on the realm of too much information: hormone patches, Omega-3 fish oil tablets, nail polish, catnip and aloe vera for sunburns. You would not believe how many people these days keep flaxseed in with their cream (good), not to mention how many have a Sriracha sauce habit (bad — not the habit but the refrigeration).

Which made me think of a question: what’s the weirdest thing in your refrigerator?

I keep my eye cream in there, along with ear medicine for the resident fauna. I also have some witch hazel in the back that I keep for when I make bath bombs, though I haven’t done that in a while. There are probably things at the back that I can’t identify anymore, but I’m convinced they were once edible.

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