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On Being a Breed Mare, Part II

The Well-Timed Period responds to the story about catholic hospitals who refuse to give emergency contraception to rape patients who may have ovulated:

If Catholic hospitals may ignore the standard of care, and treat patients based on religious doctrine, any and all hospitals should be able to do the same. This means we abolish the FDA, and any government regulation of hospitals and the practice of medicine, and allow anybody to set up and run a hospital according to whatever criteria they deem acceptable.

Bottom line: It will be most interesting to see what happens when men in this country manage to finally achieve equality with women, and can look forward to hospitals where only, for example, men with a sperm density greater than or equal to 20 million per milliliter are to receive adequate medical care.

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  1. I always knew it was about protecting men’s sperm. That Monty Python song was right! Are the lyrics posted on the doors to these Catholic Hospitals?

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