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8 thoughts on Extraordinary Machine

  1. I believe this one was produced by Jon Brion who wrote the scores for Eternal Sunshine and Punch Drunk Love, which would account for the cabaret style. Some of it is good and the rest is mediocre. So far my favs are definitely Extraordinary Machine, Not About Love, and Oh Well.

    Heliologue: That’s funny. I didn’t remember that part of the post, or I would have downloaded this stuff sooner.

  2. On the subject of Brion, I should point out that his work with Jellyfish in 1990, his work with The Grays in 1994, and his later solo stuff is all quite excellent.

    Also, Jason Falkner, of virtually the same pedigree.

  3. Jon Brion, I think, does the music to all of PT Anderson’s films, (I know for sure he did Magnolia) and PT Anderson being Fiona Apple’s boyfriend (last I checked) I’m not surprised that he’d produce her.

    In any case, I’m enjoying the album. In particular Not About Love. Thanks for linking it Lauren.

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