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Rock To Rock To

Right click, save as, and hear what I’m listening to as I avoid studying.

Peaches – Operate
I can’t believe that Peaches, queen of the crotch, is featured on the Mean Girls soundtrack. Imagine all the parents of teenage girls freaking out when their daughters bring home a Peaches CD. Here’s to being subversive and controversial.

Lady Sovereign – Random
J-Lo’s got a body/but you can’t see mine ’cause I wear my trousers baggy.
I believe I found this song on a music blog, probably FluxBlog. Lady Sovereign has an interesting voice and pulls off the British hip hop, pseudo-reggae thing well. Making fun of the differences between British and Dirty South pronunciations is my favorite bit of this song.

American Analog Set – Know By Heart
This band is new to me. I like them because they are so chill and melodic. They remind me of Belle and Sebastian wedded to Sean Lennon.

Belle and Sebastian – The Stars of Track and Field
Featured in one of the most un-PC ways in the movie “Pumpkin.” This group perfectly rounds out my collection of quiet music appropriate for my study session. That I have abandoned. In lieu of blogging.

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