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Friday Random Ten – The “Who the Hell Started This Meme?” Edition

This edition is named in honor of The Republic of T, with author Terence being the originator of this meme. Hi Terence! Terence informs me that he did not start this meme. Who did?

Tired ol’ directions: Upload all your mp3s into your music player of choice, set to random, hit play. List the first ten songs. No cheating.

  1. Aretha Franklin – Do Right Woman, Do Right Man
  2. Millie Jackson – Lick It Before You Stick It
    (Jackson is featured on the Worst Cover Albums list repeatedly. This song is a suggestion for men in a heterosexually active relationship.)
  3. Red Elvises – Rocket Man
    (Saw them in a local venue last year, a Russian rockabilly band that did the soundtrack for “Six String Samurai.” Wow.)
  4. Cee-Lo Green – The Art of Noise
  5. Teddy Pendergrass – Me and Mrs. Jones
  6. Melt Banana – Surfin’ USA
    (Really bad cover.)
  7. 7L and Esoteric ft. Inspectah Deck – Speaking Real Words
  8. The Cramps – Surfin’ Bird
    (Another really bad cover.)
  9. Har Mar Superstar – Girl, Let Me Use Your Ride
  10. Pharcyde – Runnin’

Also, see this week’s downloads.

13 thoughts on Friday Random Ten – The “Who the Hell Started This Meme?” Edition

  1. 1. No One is Receiving — Brian Eno
    2. If I Hadn’t Been High — Detroit Junior
    3. Put Your Cat Clothes On — Carl Perkins
    4. If You Must — Del tha Funkee Homosapien
    5. Come With Us — The Chemical Brothers
    6. Travelin’ — Esquivel
    7. Killing Floor — Howlin’ Wolf
    8. Saint Behind the Glass — Los Lobos
    9. Badway — Nina Gordon
    10. Working for Vacation — Cibo Matto

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  4. 1) “Jocko Homo”–Devo
    2) “Selfdestructo Bust”–Turbonegro
    3) “I Can’t Let Go”–Evie Sands
    4) “That Boy of Mine”–The Sherrys
    5) “Life of Crime”–The Weirdos
    6) “Out of Control”–The Lime Spiders
    7) “Magmaniac”–Giddy Motors
    8) “Skank Bloc Bologna”–Scritti Politti
    9) “Nuclear War”–Electric Six
    10) “Lebanese Blonde”–Thievery Corporation

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  8. I have come to the conclusion that everyone in the feminist blogosphere has a bigger record collection than I do. If I did this every week, there would be a lot of repeats.

    Actually, maybe y’all just have bigger CD collections. I have a lot of records and tapes. I just haven’t figured out how to get them onto my iTunes.

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