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Listen In My Absence

I still have a pile of envelopes addressed and ready to send to a few Life Mix participants. Unfortunately the CD burner is busted and I’m afraid to part with my tower long enough to get it fixed. One of these days.

My mental playlist has been all over the place lately, in part because I upload my actual full playlist FRT style to Winamp and let it run. Whenever I want music, I usually burn myself a more cohesive CD, but since the burner is broken and I’m too weird to let someone actually repair it, I’m stuck with my aural weirdness.

Listen to what I’m listening to in my absence.

Donovan – Wear Your Love Like Heaven
The logical step after a long Too Short bender is obviously a Donovan bender. Duh.

Madvillain – Figaro (Stones Throw 101 Remix)
Move away from hip-pop and find yourself an innovative rapper like Madvillain. This short song is an example of the smart rap that should be on the radio.

Grizzly Bear – Fix It
I adore the opening to this song – the alternative approach to a traditional drumbeat, the recorder, and the spare, distant sound of the vocals. Lovely.

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Alone Again (Naturally)
Lordisa, this one is depressing. But poppy. An offshoot of the Donovan thing.

Sean Lennon – Into the Sun
This song makes me wish it were summertime. Luckily I have 50 degree February weather to console me.

Right click, Save as. And you Mac users do whatever it is that you do. And no, I’m not back from my break.

4 thoughts on Listen In My Absence

  1. Woah, okay. You’re trying to fight sexism not spread it, right? I trusted you and downloaded Figaro only to be bombarded with very sexist lyrics. Thanks, you really made my day.

    Some lyrics — ‘Make her paddy shake’ ‘She’d take him for her master’

  2. Thanks for the links. I think I get where your coming from a little better. You’re still trying to make up your own mind about it too. I think I was a little heavy handed in my first post, sorry about that. I still don’t like the sexism in the song. I can’t divorce myself from the images and words in the same way that you can. In someways I wish I could. Thanks also for not answering my snark with snark,
    sometimes I can be a little too reactionary.


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