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Friday Random Ten – Now Completely Devoid of Irony!

Roxanne abandoned ship after the big boys picked up this meme1 and notably, coveniently forgot to credit where they got it from. Very naughty.

And so, the FRT ship has been pirated!2

If it’s midnight somewhere, let the games begin: Fire up your IPOD, MP3 or other digital media player, set to random play, list the first ten songs.

• Melt Banana – Wedge 3
• David Bowie – Space Oddity 4
• Cecile – Hot Like We 5
• Wanda Jackson – Funnel of Love 6
• Elliott Smith – Ballad of Big Nothing 7
• Jurassic 5 – Sum of Us 8
• Richard Cheese – Enter Sandman 9
• The Isley Brothers – It’s Your Thing 10
• Wesley Willis – Rock n’ Roll McDonald’s 11
• 7 Seconds – 99 Red Balloons 12

1 Thus, the Friday Random Ten is no longer cool.
2 To prove how uncool we are, I just made a pirate reference. Pirates are so 2004.

A Quick Guide to Coolness, recommended for Egosystem Top 100 readers:
3 Prove how discriminating your taste is by being completely indiscriminatory!
4 Include some roots rock to show how much of a music lover you are!
5 Get international so your readers can see how inclusive you are. Excellent.
6 List something campy and obscure!
7 You’re sensitive. Let them know.
8 Let them know you like hip hop because you’re so urban and hip.
9 Be sure to display your sense of humor,
10 and how good you are with the ladies.
11 All the cool kids listen to Wesley Willis, so you do too!
12 And finally, a cover song, because you can never go wrong with punk bands covering new wave.

26 thoughts on Friday Random Ten – Now Completely Devoid of Irony!

  1. I like th footnotes! So, here’s my last as a “blogger”:

    1) “Climb” – Mos Def
    2) “Cyberabad” – Asian Dub Foundation
    3) “No Cheap Thrill” – Suzanne Vega
    4) “Girls Dem Highway” – Red Rat (feat. Chico).
    I… I was… young, and… unexperienced when I bought that record, Oh No… It’s Red Rat. Oh, and I was in China when I first listened to it. But, hey, I’m a Big Kid Now.
    5) “Funky Boss” – The Beastie Boys. You can’t go wrong with a copy of Check Your Head bought in Taiwan.
    6) “Shimian maifu” 十面埋伏.
    Chinese classical pipa solo. Massive battle sound. Fun fact: also the title of a recent Zhang Yimou 張藝謀 motion picture featuring pop singer Liu Dehua/Lau Dagwa 劉德華, aka Andy Lau.
    7) “Jinchi” 矜持 – Wang Fei 王菲 (aka Faye Wong). Fine, now I’m crying.
    8) “Me and Jesus the Pimp in a ’79 Granada Last Night” – The Coup.
    Boots Riley is hatin’ on the game, in a cool way. That song over any “Pimpz ‘n’ Hoes” hit. “Oakland, do you wanna ride?
    9) “A Little Deeper” – Ms. Dynamite
    10) “Rap Promoter” – A Tribe Called Quest.

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  3. 1. I’m The Face — The Who (shows that you appreciate the roots of legendary bands, and that you’re enough of a fan to know that their songs is called Baba O’Riley, not Teenage Wasteland)
    2. Rockin’ at Midnight — The Honeydrippers (that you’re still infected by what was in the top 40 in 1986)
    3. In the Art of Stopping — Wire (punk and post-punk cred)
    4. Killer Queen — Queen (that you are not allergic to kitsch/camp)
    5. Beer — Reverend Horton Heat (THROW FURNITURE! GIN AND TONIC!)
    6. Skull & Crossbones — Del tha Funkee Homosapien (does your crew need vanilla flavoring? I thought not.)
    7. Europe Endless — Kraftwerk (that you have the patience to sit through 10 minutes of Krautrock blips)
    8. King Midas in Reverse — The Hollies (that you liked this type of Anglo-psychedelia before Wes Anderson and Steven Soderbergh brought it to the semi-masses)
    9. Debaser — The Pixies (that you were in college in the early 90s)
    10. Pictures at an Exhibition — California Guitar Trio (that you have refined taste so long as you don’t have to sit in a music hall for three hours at a time)

  4. Wait, wait…the Random 10 isn’t cool anymore?

    And pirates aren’t cool?

    This is a disaster. I feel like such a nerd now. Quick, what is cool now? I need to know so I can slavishly jump on the bandwagon. Wesley WIllis is cool? I’ve never even heard of Wesley WIllis! Oy, I’m having an anxiety attack…

  5. Oh, and I made the stuff up about pirates. I’m quite fond of the idea of pirates, especially mp3 piraters, though the reality of sea-faring pirates is rather dismal.

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  8. 1. No Rolling Back – Jay Farrar
    2. The Last of the True Believers – Nanci Griffith
    3. P.C.’s Jig – Yo Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer & Mark O’Connor
    4. When You Say Nothing At All – Allison Krauss & Union Station
    5. Memphis in the Meantime – Sam Bush
    6. Where I Go – Natalie Merchant
    7. Pink Flamingos – Strength in Numbers
    8. Traveler’s Rest – Allison Brown
    9. Radio Fragile, – Nanci Griffith
    10. A Song for You – Gram Parsons

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  10. 1. “Who’s the Girl”–Diane and the Javelins
    2. “Cyclone”–The Tornados
    3. “We’ll Remember You”–Houston Wells and the Outlaws
    4. “Love Can’t Wait”–Kim Wells
    5. “A Fool in Love”–Chad Carson
    6. “Hobbies”–Jenny Moss
    7. “Let’s Go See Grandma”–Joy & Dave
    8. “Baby It Hurts”–Glenda Collins
    9. “Dumb Head”–The Sharades
    10. “Listen to Me”–Flip & The Dateliners

    All songs are produced by Joe Meek this week. That fulfills the requirments of being indiscriminate, that I know my roots, I guess the international thing (British), definitely the campy and obscure, I have a sense of humor, I get on well with the ladies (who sing girl group style), and I guess the cover song part because so many of his songs have been covered. However, I am an insensitive fuck, there’s no way this is hip-hop and while I’m sure Meek could have worked with Wesley Willis, alas, he never had the chance.

  11. Boy, I’m really a loser. I can’t do this because I don’t have an iPod or other digital music player.

  12. 1. Primus – Southbound Pachyderm
    2. NOFX – The Idiots Are Taking Over
    3. Rancid – Don’t Call Me White (cover of NOFX)
    4. Grateful Dead – Cocaine
    5. Bob Marley – Iron Lion Zion
    6. Soundgarden – Jesus Christ Pose
    7. Lemonheads – Skulls (cover of The Misfits)
    8. Vandals – A Gun For Christmas.
    9. Good Riddance – All Fall Down
    10. Nas, GZA, Common, Mos Def – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

  13. Linnaeus, if you have any music files on your computer, upload them all to Winamp or the Windows Media Player and set to random. See? Not a loser.

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  15. 1. Chixdiggit – Sicome Beach
    2. Busta Rhymes – Dick Will Do
    3. Sublime – Smoke Two Joints
    4. The Weakerthans – None of the Above
    5. The Beatnuts – We Getting Paper
    6. Beastie Boys – The Negotiation Limerick File
    7. Bad Religion – Against the Grain
    8. Slayer – South of Heaven
    9. Good Riddance – Favorite Son
    10. NOFX – Dying Degree

    -Socialist Swine

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