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Coverville might be my heaven. I’m listening to Aretha Franklin’s cover of “Eleanor Rigby” until my ears implode, and thus, it’s good to know that Coverville has me, um, covered with Joe Jackson’s version of the song once I’m done with Aretha.

Blame it on the lack of sleep.

via JC

9 thoughts on Coverville

  1. Strange— that was going to be part 3 of the disc trilogy, entitled “Cover Me, Don’t Cover Me,” a joke which has been done to death but since R.E.M.’s on the compilation (doing “Toys in the Attic” by Aerosmith) maybe they won’t mind.

  2. Interesting stuff. Of course, this all proves that covering the Smiths well is damn near impossible. No one can play like Johnny Marr and no one can sing like Morrissey.

  3. Amanda: Unless you go off in a different direction. The High Llamas transformed “Frankly, Mr. Shankly” from an up-tempo jaunt to a kind of melancholy, slowed-down late 60s Beach Boys kind of sound.

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