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We rolled snow around the yard in near silence, asses in the air, rolling, rolling like arctic dung beetles and occasionally stopping for a mini-snowball fight. Include one pause to glare at a man trying to park in front of my driveway to save himself some time walking to the basketball game. Later, include a healthy dose of hot chocolate and what-will-we-have-for-dinner fantasies.

Meet Mister Snowman, as christened by Ethan. What you can’t tell from this picture is that this six-feet tall Mister Snowman took up nearly all the snow in my double lot, and even some scraped off the top of my hedges. Frugal and psychotic, we are.

8 thoughts on Snow

  1. There was something really lovely about the “arctic dungbeetles” sentence.

    I want an academic asshat award, but I don’t think I’ve practiced enough academic asshatery. What to do….

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  3. wow. that is an impressive snowman. it almost makes me wish it would snow around here.

    uhm, on 2nd thought, i’ll just live vicariously through you guys.

  4. didn’t notice until i saw the picture how odd the snowman looks….definately very calvin and hobbes! i thought it would have ended up more nightmare before christmas…maybe if we had made him even skinnier. 😉

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