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Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

I’m a bit late, but Wednesday was declared De-Lurking Day by the lovely lady of Purling Swine. She says, as I often do myself:

For those not in the know, a lurker is someone who reads a site, but never leaves a comment. I know you’re out there, my stats tell me so. Would it kill ya to comment?

And my stats do tell me so. My numbers are far too high for the regular twenty people who make themselves known here.

De-lurk thyself or be damned.

35 thoughts on Ollie Ollie Oxen Free

  1. I am no mere lurker, for I am the Masked Lurker, whenever injustice is being discussed, wherever politicos are being deconstructed, I’ll be there, in the shadows.

  2. I’ve commented two or three times, but I’m hardly a regular – I think that you write very intelligently, but for the most part, the topics you write about are ones on which I don’t really have anything meaningful to contribute. If you ever write anything about pottery, electric bikes, Canadian politics, or college math, however, I’ll likely have a lot to say πŸ˜‰

  3. Hello Lauren from Orstraya. (Hi Flutey!) I do gender issues sometimes too, but not to the level you do, or Echidne. Thanks for your great blog.

  4. An overseas regular reader who’d rather delurk than be damned πŸ™‚
    Thank you for the great read. Somebody mentioned your blog, when I started picking up gender issues more often and I was hooked after the first entry.

  5. Hi. I’ve been lurking her for a very long time. As a feminist, an antiracist, an MAT candidate (May ’05, secondary science ed), etc, you know I love your blog.

  6. Delurk delurk delurk. (Sounds better when said three times fast.) I can’t believe that I’ve never commented here, but now that you mention it I don’t remember a single instance. Mostly because I always nod my head in agreement and think to myself, “This girl should really go to grad school.”

  7. De-lurking. I read you every day, but do not comment much because you tend to say things better than I can. Please keep writing – I really appreciate your site.

  8. *delurks*

    Kinda with Wendryn on this – i rarely comment anywhere unless i really feel i have something to contribute, and your subjects are often an area where other people have greater knowledge/experience than i do myself… which is why i’m reading what they have to say!

    *thinks: Lauren has it in her power to damn people? eep! be nice to Lauren…*

  9. *Peeking above collar of standard issue lurker’s trenchcoat*
    Your blog is one of my regular reads, but I don’t often comment on any blogs. If I did comment more regularly on yours, I’d probably say something like *nodding in agreement* which doesn’t do much to promote discussion.

    Keep up the great writing!

  10. First time here but in the spirit of the imperative, I am delurking by posting this comment. Feministe is very well-written by a woman who thinks well. This will not be the last time I visit. The Non-Lurking Delurked Dalene

  11. Happy De-Lurking Day! sorry the salutation is a bit late ….. I wish I could take the credit for thinking it up, but alas no. I linked back to the lovely Beancounter, who linked back from there and so on!

  12. I seldomly comment, but lurk daily. Like Cat, I hate to comment if I don’t have something new or good to add.

  13. Some of my lurkers have emailed me, telling me that they like my blog, but they’re too scared to post because of the psycho-loons who post in my comments. I don’t blame them. I wish they’d post, though.

    On the other hand, some of my lurkers are likely to be more psycho-loons who would jam my comments with more bilge. A pox on them.

  14. I discovered you only recently, so haven’t had much time for lurking. In any case, I was going to de-lurk to compliment you on your telling of the Tammy story. You have a real talent there. Ever thought of publishing it in print or reading it for radio?

  15. Hi. Longtime lurker also from the sunburnt country, land downunder, whatever you want to call it. I never seem to have time to leave a comment, is my excuse!

  16. Ahh, so good to know I’m not alone in my lurkish tendencies. Truth be told, I am a chronic lurker and your site is one of my few main targets. Love it love it love it!

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