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Life CD Swap

Who has received their CDs from the swap?

Oddly, shortly after reminding everyone to have theirs out by a certain date, my CD burner crapped out. I do have addressed envelopes ready to go once I figure out how to fix it.

Open thread – let’s hear about your CDs. Any suggestions for a future swap?

11 thoughts on Life CD Swap

  1. Mine is in the mail…tomorrow – I swear! I’ve had it burned and ready to go, but everything became hectic. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. I haven’t received a cd either.

    My musical taste made a big transition over the years, separating my now alt country/folk/indie/etc style from my earlier shoegaze/indie/dreamer style. After contemplating how I should line the songs up for the mix, I eventually decided to split it down the middle. Each song is very close to me. I have listened to every pick 100 times, at the very least. And I have been playing the whole mix on my long drives to work for about a week now. I’m happy to say it turned out pretty swell.

    1. ride – “in a different place”
    2. lush – “monochrome”
    3. red house painters – “medicine bottle”
    4. velocity girl – “my forgotten favorite”
    5. slowdive – “machine gun”
    6. dinosaur jr. – “freak scene”
    7. jesus and mary chain – “far gone and out”
    8. my bloody valentine – “when you sleep”
    9. bright eyes – “something vague”
    10. bonnie prince billy – “no such as what i want”
    11. smog – “riverguard”
    12. songs: ohia – “just be simple”
    13. nina nastasia – untitled from her peel sessions
    14. amalgamated sons of rest – “i will be good”
    15. smog – “held”
    16. magnolia electric co. – “leave the city” new live version
    17. Bonus Track (Because I haven’t had it long enough for it to have a place in my “life” cd) – staring at the sun (extended version from their ep)

    I would like to note that I wanted to put some godspeed your black emporer on the mix, but ran out of space. Actually, there is a lot I left out. I’m sure I’m not alone in that problem.

  2. I got mine! “All my exes live in Plano, Texas” from Adrienne. It’s pretty fucking awesome. Good travelling CD- I took it up to Wisconsin with me over New Year’s.

  3. I received mine two days ago-two CDs (a daily mix and a life mix), and a bonus surprise of Jelly Bellies. A good way to finish a cruddy, snowy day.

  4. I sent mine and received mine, and it was great (though I’m blanking on who sent it to me at the moment). Lots of good tunes that I loved in my high school days.

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