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Guilt-Free Downloads: Danielson Familie

This atheist has been rocking out to this not-so-vaguely-and-yet-so-vaguely Christian band, the Danielson Familie, connected to Sufjan Stevens. It’s all in the background singers, quirky lyrics, and folk-punk stylings.

From lead Br. Danielson’s solo CD, “Brother is to Son”:
Things v. Stuff – This song title is adorable. The anti-materialist message doesn’t hurt either.

Daughters Will Tune You – The banjo does indeed rock.

From Danielson Familie’s “TriDanielson”:
Cutest Lil’ Dragon – It ate the love.

All three from the beautifully designed Sounds Familyre website.

2 thoughts on Guilt-Free Downloads: Danielson Familie

  1. Wow, lady, you seem to be rocking all over the Secretly Canadian ouvre these days. I’m very proud of my hometown’s brave little lable. I saw Brother Danielson perform the cutest li’ dragon at Bloomingtonfest three or so years ago; he performed dressed as a tree with all kinds of fruit on it, and I saw teenage crust punks and jaded twenty/thirtysomething hipsters sing and clap along like they were back in kindergarten. It was transformative. Much like the performances by Swearing at Motorists and Jason Molina that followed.
    Anyway, rock out, captian badass.

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