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What I’m Reading Since I’m Not Writing

  • Bakerina writes an amazingly entertaining ode to eggs. The incredible, edible kind.
  • My Life As Nothing – On growing up Atheist, or rather, as nothing at all.
  • The moral politics of “Meet the Fockers.”
  • Framing of an article often tells us more about the author and his or her institution than the article itself. This one in particular deals with father’s rights groups, Christian groups, and one fundamentalist nutjob who believed God sent him a message to circumcise his son in the bathroom with a steak knife.
  • Apparently LiveJournalers make fun of us non-LJ writers. That’s good because we’re making fun of them too. Apophenia writes on the acquisition of LiveJournal by Six Apart.
  • The Extrapolation Factor: Shelley at Burnigbird takes issue with “people behaving badly” in marriage laid at the feet of one gender. An insightful and provocative post.
  • Equally provocative is this post by Dru Blood on parenting, and those of us parents who proclaim we don’t want to be like THOSE parents (you know the ones) in response to several dicussions about parenting on other blogs.

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  1. i know, i know, it’s mostly fun & games. but it’s brow-wrinkle interesting to me that people with “real blogs” actually put time & energy into making fun of people with livejournals. (and i’ve seen quite a bit of this.) it strikes me as classist and snobby, mostly in fun, but not completely. (i speak as someone who both has a livejournal and works for 8 websites, as well as running her own. so i’m sort of straddling the line, and it’s interesting from over here.) livejournal is a community of journals (and of community journals) that allows anyone over 13 to have a journal for free. i can see certain reasons that people would make fun of livejournal, but to consider people viewing it as “low-brow” makes me feel slightly ill. i guess it just makes me slightly sad, since so many of those making fun of this enormous community for free speech and community support, are people who consider themselves non-classist, non-judgemental, very political and open-minded. it’s all so silly; i wish, in general, that people would celebrate all positive forms of online expression, and get over it. i’ve read blogs that suck, and livejournals that suck my brain out with their emotional or political power. it’s the content that matters. (i know you know all this… i just had an itch, and needed to write it out.)

    hearts and stars to your friends’ article, though. it took so many different elements and viewpoints into account. huzzah!

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