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Blogs: The Gender Link Portal

Clancy at Culture Cat has compiled a list of links in which gender and blogs are discussed: The Link Portal on Gender in the Blogosphere, often addressing WATW (Where Are the Women?) in it’s many forms dating as early as September of 2002.

This is a great reference for anyone studying gender and the internet, in addition to being a lovely reference point to any ass who asks the question (again) without doing his or her research.

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  1. Every study I’ve ever checked shows that men are more risk-takers than women so are more likely to be pioneers of new technology. But after a few years if you look at usage of most technology (from book-reading, to radio-listening, to TV-watching, to web-surfing; you will always find women outrank men is usage.
    Ultimatly in your later post all most men care about is competition (being first, so when its mainstream it isnt worth doing), women and sports. I know this as a man (not that I care about American football, watch Smallville, have ever looked in a VS catalogue, but I did try weed once), and therefore I predict – quite confidently – that just as women now spend more time online than men they will soon be out-“blogging” us too. Frankly, 50% of what I read is by women (and life-oriented) and that by men is always political or humour. Which may say a lot about me.

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