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Officially Switched from MT to WordPress

Thanks so much to Shelley of Burningbird for walking me through this change, and sometimes taking over completely. Shelley is a WordPress goddess.

My allotment of sever space could no longer handle the rebuilds necessary to maintain the MT blog, so something had to happen. I have played around with WordPress before and knew it was a lighter, cleaner sort of blogging software. I still have to figure out the template structure, as I’m not that happy with the way this looks right now, but I hope to soon have something adequate for my picky self. In some ways I feel like I’m back where I started when I first used MT, fumbling around with the template and gazing longingly at others’ pages and their personal tweaks.

Nonetheless, here we go. Thrills abound.

10 thoughts on Officially Switched from MT to WordPress

  1. Congratulations on getting the kinks worked out for 2005; everything looks great. Is that the woman from the beach photo in Barton Fink?

    Barton: Are you in pictures?
    Beauty: Don’t be silly.

  2. thrills, indeed. as usual, a classy & stylish layout. is verra verra nice…

    one would never know that you used to gaze longingly at other’s tweaks. 😉

  3. Congratulations on successive switching!
    Actually I also tried install wordpress today, but I couldn’t send and get trackbacks. 6–;

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