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Congratulations on your all-male panel, BYU

A crop from a poster for BYU's "Women in Math" panel, featuring four male speakers and no women
I mean, I guess. If you say so.

I have gleefully been introduced to Congrats, you have an all-male panel!, a blog dedicated to recognizing panels, seminars, and events that bravely manage to ignore the existence of women as academics and experts. It came to my attention because of today’s panel at Brigham Young University about “Women in Math” that happens to exclude a single one of those. (But there will be treats! So that’s cool.)

One commenter noted that he’s in a class taught by one of the featured professors, and even the professor thinks it’s weird… but not weird enough, apparently, to actually push back against it or decline to participate. (BYU happens to have five women on their permanent math faculty, two adjunct professors, and one visiting, but I’m sure they were all busy that day.

Female Conference Speaker Bingo: a bingo card full of excuses for not having more female speakers at STEM conferences
I’ll just leave this right here.

2 thoughts on Congratulations on your all-male panel, BYU

  1. This is from the person who made the poster.

    “I made the poster. I am a female math student and I feel very supported by my male and female professors. I am also a huge advocate for women in stem. The purpose of this event is to expose young (female though males are also invited) math majors to fields of research in higher mathematics. I asked four professors if they would come talk about our research. I chose to ask professors that weren’t already affiliated directly with the club so that members of the club would have more opportunity to meet other faculty members. I’m sorry for any offense that was caused, this was in no way meant to be satirical or to make any kind of statement. The purpose was simply to help women in math be exposed to cool math.”

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