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While We Were Out: Ivanka Trump “All Lives Matter”-ed Black History Month

Jared Kushner, in a tux, and Ivanka Trump, in a floor-length silver gown, pose in front of a mirror the day after Donald Trump issued his Muslim ban
Ivanka Trump shown here in the $5,000 Carolina Herrera gown she wore for Date Night as protesters swamped airports following the signing and immediate shitstorm enactment of her dad’s Muslim ban.

Feministe was recently down with technical issues, so of course that’s when Ivanka Trump would unload the dual Twitter turd of underscoring her father’s flat-out incompetence and super-duper racism in issues relating to equality, dignity, opportunity, and/or race whilst negating the “Black” part of Black History Month. In celebration of Black History Month, of course.

Good job name-dropping all the black history figures she could name off the top of her head. (Except for Frederick Douglass, who apparently gets no credit for the amazing job he’s done.) Just from an optics standpoint, she might have done better to shy away from subjects that called to mind the equality and dignity her father has afforded to John Lewis, the Central Park Five, black NFL players, La David and Myeshia Johnson, Frederica Wilson, April Ryan, everyone in Charlottesville not carrying a tiki torch, sorry, I need to go get a drink of water.

The more salient point, of course, is that black history gets ONE MONTH, and it’s the SHORTEST MONTH, and Ivanka Trump COULDN’T EVEN GIVE BLACK PEOPLE THAT. To paraphrase my mom when I asked why there’s no Children’s Day: SISTER, EVERY DAY IS IVANKA DAY.

3 thoughts on While We Were Out: Ivanka Trump “All Lives Matter”-ed Black History Month

  1. I fail to see exactly how Ivanka Trump ‘negated the Black part of Black History Month.’ Was Ivanka supposed to list the names of every black human being, alive and dead? How lame would that have been? It was a statement of recognition in honor of those who’d impacted on the culture.
    What a ridiculous shame a whole race of people only get one short month dedicated to them. It’s kinda like those times, back in the day, when department store managers would put American Indian mannequins in store windows around Thanksgiving time (eye roll). With just one month, and a short one at that, it’s inconceivable that Thurgood Marshall, Oprah Winfrey, and Obama, just to name a few, made such astounding accomplishments. Let’s just keep sustaining victimization, and ignore the rest of it.

    1. For me, it wasn’t the not-naming of influential black people but the “all Americans, regardless of race or background” part — not that bringing equality and dignity to all people isn’t important, but come on, it’s Black History Month. And a tweet about Black History Month. Maybe we can have one tweet in one month that’s about black Americans and not “all” of them.

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