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Reproductive organs: This is the shit I’m talking about

Three blood bags, with female/moon goddess symbols on them, labeled "Sacred Blood of the Divine Feminine - Only for Use in Flux with the Universe"
Oh, you didn’t think I was going to post a picture of my sacred passage, did you?

[Trigger warning: transphobia]

This is the shit I’m talking about: TERFs love to insist that women are not defined by our reproductive organs, until they need an excuse to exclude trans women, at which point we’re defined exclusively by our reproductive organs. And they always have to throw in a little goddess-moon-divine-menstruation magic, too, and that’s another one: Conservative Christians using their religion to police women’s bodies is wrong, but using sacred-divine-goddess mysticism is perfectly acceptable for TERFy purposes. Seriously, if you’re a pagan and/or identify with your reproductive system at an essentialist level, I’m glad you’ve found something that makes you happy, but you don’t get to force it on other women.

Trans women are males. They do not bear children, breastfeed, hail from a divine feminine, house a sacred passage, sacrifice blood, sync w phases, flow in flux w universe. They just want the superficial benefits of a social construct but don’t bear the stripes.

There is nothing that isn’t stupid about that.

(Also, from a medical standpoint: If women really are in sync with moon phases and the universe and shit, wouldn’t we all have our period at the same time? By that logic, the streets should be flowing with blood every 28 days.)

Now that I think about it, evangelicals and TERFs both appear to have a weird fixation on sacred motherhood and sacrifices and divine blood. And they both like to victimize trans people. They should really get together, since they have so much in common. #TERFvangelicals

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  1. Maybe I’m a bit dense right now, but isn’t “bearing stripes” a social construct? You know, since it refers to stripes on a uniform?

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