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Because We Need It: Sorry, can’t pun at the moment

It almost feels too self-indulgent to enjoy even tiny lighthearted pleasures while people are dying and people are being attacked for protesting people dying. Almost. (Or maybe not even almost. Maybe just too.) It could be argued that We Need It even more. And We Need It to double up on awesome women.

In celebration of Beyonce’s 36th birthday, a bunch of her friends got together to replicate her iconic braided, behatted, bejeweled look and pose from her iconic Formation video. Among them? Former First Lady Michelle Obama.

A black-and-white photo of Michelle Obama dressed in Beyonce's iconic black hat from the "Formation" video
Also can’t come up with clever captions. (Photo credit Michelle Obama/Beyonce)

It’s an impossible blending of two outstanding women I want to be when I grow up, and basically everything is awful except for this.