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Because We Need It: Pockets.

Woman posing in a field in a dress made of grass clippings
It has pockets! (Photo credit Web Urbanist)

We’ll shortly return to our usual posting schedule, cross my heart, but you have to admit that everything is chaotic and full of crap, and there’s a hurricane behind us and another one coming at us full-on, and Obama was like “hey, who you are is good, trans service members, so be who you are” and trans service members were like “GREAT!” and then Trump was like “AND NOW THAT YOU’VE IDENTIFIED YOURSELVES…,” and Obama was like “hey, you deserve to be here, DREAMers, so come out and let us take care of you” and undocumented immigrants brought here as kids were like “GREAT!” and then Trump was like “AND NOW THAT YOU’VE IDENTIFIED YOURSELVES…” It’s bad, is my point, and if anything’s going to make it better, it’s probably not going to be an excerpt from the upcoming all-girl version of Lord of the Flies — but it might, right? Just a little? We need it.

Simone staggered out of the woods, her hair matted and muddy. She wore a crude garment that she had fashioned out of leaves, and her eyes were wild.

“Simone!” cried Roger. “I love your dress.”

“Thanks!” Simone said, gesturing. “It has pockets!”

3 thoughts on Because We Need It: Pockets.

  1. I had a fight with my mom as a kid… I wanted an ugly shirt because POCKETS! I even wore it for my grade two class picture. POCKETS!!!

  2. Pockets. Because male sweatshop owners and fashion designers will put a Fake.Pocket.Flap on jackets, and no pockets whatever on skirts or pants, to wear to a courtroom which will not allow a purse to enter its sacred premises.

    And they pay immigrant women sub-minimum wages to create these abominations so their educated children can be deported at the whim of a racist tyrant. Reason most of my clothes are secondhand and repaired with a bargain reconditioned sewing machine. Waiting for Mueller to deport a Drumpfster and provoke white riots which will be whitewashed by non-feminist media as usual.

    Cute clip, though.

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