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Quick hit: The Women’s March on Washington was driven by demons.

But it’s okay. Jim Bakker and Billye Brim are going to get them out for you.

During a recent episode of his eponymous show, Jim Bakker recounted the horror of the day after the inauguration, when he came down to the lobby of his hotel and what had been filled with the presence of God, where the generals of God had been, was women in filthy-dirty pink hats who were driven by demons. But his guest, Billye Brim, is having an Authority of the Believers Conference in Washington to use their power in Jesus Christ from their seat at the right hand of the Lord to control the demons in you. It’s just a matter of learning how. And of finding a venue to hold your conference. So hold on, demon-possessed women marchers — help is on the way, and it’s armed with habitational authority.

JIM BAKKER. We just couldn’t handle the miracle. The presence of God.


JIM, But then the next morning… And I just want to tell you… The women… came to town.


BLONDE. Driven by demons.

JIM. We went downstairs, and there, in that lobby, that a few hours before was the presence of God, was suddenly the most evil spirit I have ever felt. On the big screen — and I’m not saying Fox News is annointed — but Fox News was no longer on. I’d better not — they might come for me if I tell you who was on.

BILLYE. Someone else.

JIM. Somebody else, yes. One of the —

LORI. Liberal media.

JIM. One of the other sides was on. And all the places where all the generals of God had been was women. Women. Women in pink. Women with —

BILLYE. Cat ears.

JIM. Cat ears.

LORI. Right.

JIM. I studied a little bit of that, and I couldn’t tell you what all that means, ’cause it’s dirty.


JIM. It’s filthy dirty.


JIM. Are you hearing me at all?

BILLYE. Yes. Just find the name of the hats, and you’ll understand.

— — — —

BILLYE. But you saw darkness… and light.

LORI. Yes. Completely.

BILLYE. Very clear.

JIM. Explain what we’re seeing. Explain how you feel about it.

BILLYE. There are two kingdoms here — This is what I’m gonna talk about. We must take authority over the kingdom of darkness.

LORI. Yes.

BILLYE. We have it to do, and we can do it. People who lived in Washington, D.C., and live there now, we have lots of partners there — We’re going to Washington, D.C., for a — an authority conference.

LORI. Great.

BILLYE. The Lord has called us to have Authority of the Believers Conference.

LORI. Yes.

BILLYE. We had the first one in Oklahoma City, there’s reasons why. The Murrah Building.

LORI. Mm-hmm.

BILLYE. The tornados.

LORI. Yes.

BILLYE. If the people in an area, with their habitational authority and their authority in Jesus Christ, will do what Dr. McMillan, Brother Hagan, this little book of mine says, you can sit up in your seat at the right hand of the Father and you can control those demons that were in those women.

LORI. Yeah.

BILLYE. People in the area can — and we’re gonna go there. We’re looking for a place right now to have our conference, and we’re gonna teach them how. You people in Washington, D.C.? You control the things here. You control the atmosphere.

2 thoughts on Quick hit: The Women’s March on Washington was driven by demons.

  1. I have to remember Jim Bakker thinks he is living “right” with God, and I’m sure he is, but he needs to stop implying that we women are on the wrong side of God, the Father, and know that we women were also made in the image of God, Mother God…takes a Father and a Mother to make a child. The dude is a trip – but I guess I should judge not…but hell, why not.

  2. This must be where my boss gets his ideas. I’ve had to listen to ad-feminem insults, multiple renditions of the C word, and a Freudian rant that started in the lady parts, continued through middle-Eastern missiles, and ended somewhere in the Pipeline. Gotta keep reminding myself that he’s been in the state mental hospital twice (before my employment) and that nobody’s hiring salty old women.

    Anything that makes the Republican Religious Right this mad is wonderful.

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