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Hello again, we’re back (again)

I won’t bore you with the tedious details of how/why it took two weeks after Jill paid the overdue account for us to get the server playing nicely with the blog again, but for the moment at least it’s decided to be our friend.

How are you all?

4 thoughts on Hello again, we’re back (again)

  1. I gave serious thought to the possibility this site might never return, since this feels like the longest I’ve seen Feministe offline. I’m glad it’s back, but I was wondering to myself if I’d be willing to jump ship and blog elsewhere, despite blogging here since 2011 and following the site long before that.

    Of course, if I were really responsible, I’d offer to foot some of the bills myself. Can you comment on the ballpark range for server costs, tigtog?

  2. (Since this post is tagged as “open thread” and I don’t see any others recently, I’m going to use it as such.)

    Does anyone know what happened to the TransAdvocate website?

    I looiked at the site a few days ago and it was at, and there was a section at which I was following.

    Today, doesn’t work at all, and redirects to and needs JavaScript to display halfway legibly. (I’m always distrustful of sites that don’t work with JavaScript turned off.)

    No idea who is . The site looks quite different too.

    Is this some kind of domain hijacking?

    Or did transadvocate get either taken over or the website completely redone?

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