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Selfless Signal-Boosting – International Women’s Day

It’s been too long since I put up a Signal-Boosting thread – so here’s one for collecting links for IWD 2015.  I’ve found a few to get you started:

Jadehawk at Secular Woman – Intersectionality – Black Feminists and the Uprooting of Kyriarchy:

Just as the great leaders of the social movements are often whitewashed into harmlessness, so Intersectionality is being whitewashed, made palatable to people who cannot stomach the system-shaking implications of radical social justice. This is a disservice to this highly powerful theory, and it is an injustice to the brilliant black women who have created it. Let’s remember and re-learn the roots of Intersectionality and give credit where credit is due.

Iram Ramzan – International Women’s Day – Dissenting Voices:

“It’s women who have to take up these issues. The left is not going to do it. The left are trying to silence us.”

You would be forgiven for thinking this statement was made quite recently. In fact, it is made by one of the women who appeared in ‘Struggle or Submission’, which documented the beginnings of Women Against Fundamentalism (WAF).
Even today, we find that look at communities through the prism of faith, which means that we either ignore voices of dissent or deliberately shut them down. Dissenters were told repeatedly (and shamefully) by the left that “now is not the time to raise these issues”.

“The only tools we have are our voices of dissent,” Pragna said. “Suppression of dissent for women is literally a matter of life and death.

Brandi Bailey at BookRiot – The Best Feminist Books For Younger Readers:

“Best” is a hard thing in this category, so I’m aiming to include a variety of genres and some lesser known/newer options. Does this mean I don’t think Halse Anderson’s Chains belongs on this list? Emphatically, NO! Including everything would have been impossible. Also, because younger readers really run the gamut when it comes to reading level, I’ve included beginner/early reader titles and intermediate titles. The ages you see are based on publisher recommendations and may not really don’t reflect my opinion or the actual reading level of your kid. Just sayin’.

K Tempest Bradford posted this at XOJane a few weeks ago, so it’s not specificallyl an IWD post, but we haven’t mentioned it here yet –
I Challenge You to Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year

Reader Heather also posted this to the weekly self-promotion thread, so I’m adding it here as well:

“I put together a list of things to watch, read, and listen to on this International Women’s Day.”

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