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Marissa Alexander released from prison

I have every intention of writing a longer post about this, but today got away from me. I just want to note that Marissa Alexander was released from prison today, and is now under house arrest for two years. More tomorrow, I promise.

27 thoughts on Marissa Alexander released from prison

    1. Mostly because of her stated intention to re-prosecute and seek a 60 year sentence, to be clear.

      I’m actually OK with house arrest. She fired a shot in the direction of her children, along with her husband, and if you’re not in imminent danger of being attacked that’s definitely not OK. But her treatment was so transparently unjust that it’s hard to feel anything but rage at the justice system that could even contemplate such an abominable outcome.

      1. My understanding was that she was in imminent danger and her ex literally was threatening to kill her. And she’s already spent three years in prison. Enough.

        1. More than enough, compared to the lenient treatment generally given to white defendants who claim to have acted in self-defense. Even when they injure or kill people. (Especially, of course, when they injure or kill black people.)

        2. And she’s already spent three years in prison. Enough.

          More than enough. I meant that if the original sentence had been two years house arrest, that might seem tolerable. As it is, enraging.

          My understanding was that she was in imminent danger and her ex literally was threatening to kill her.

          I’m guessing prolonged discussion of this would be a derail?

  1. Sorry. Post was in response to Ludlow. Jacksonville is one of the ten most conservative (read: reactionary, Neanderthal) cities in the country, and Justice, being female, avoids the place.
    May she have two years of under-the-radar house parties and a sweetheart probation officer.

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          1. rincf, no. You may not come onto one of my threads and compare the Holocaust to the extinction of the Neanderthals (due either to climate change, being out-competed for resources by another species, or interbreeding). That’s not acceptable. You’re on my shit list now. Comparing Jews–and Romani–to nonhuman species is right out.

            Note to everybody else: this is the first time I’ve wanted to send someone to perma-mod and I’m having a little difficulty figuring out how to do it. Please sit tight. I got the giraffe alerts, and I thank you for them. I’m going to figure this out.

          2. Sorry to be late on the giraffe alerts, everyone. Had a day afk.

            rincf is going into permamod right now: this means rincf is still permitted to submit comments, but they will be held in moderation until checked by a moderator for their compliance to the Feministe Comments policy.

        2. What is going on? I’m so confused. Is Neanderthal used as a racial slur? I’m unfamiliar with that usage, and googling hasn’t helped. I am also guaranteeing that you are not describing Donna as suggesting genocide is okay.

        3. In the perhaps unlikely event that this is not satirical trolling, but caused by deep distress, Rincf may be relieved to discover that there is by no means scientific consensus on the cause of Neanderthals’ extinction. Additionally, according to genetic data published in 2011, humans who are not from Africa seem to be part Neanderthal.

        4. It’s really amazing how you can still kinda read a disemvowelled comment, but it sounds in your head like someone is talking through a blanket. Pretty appropriate here I think.

  2. Rincf, gfy. You’re seriously comparing something that happened within living memory to something you ASSUME without evidence happened 50,000 years ago? Nobody, including you, has any idea whatsoever how or why the Neanderthals died out (except to the extent that everyone with a European or Middle Eastern heritage has a small percentage of their genetic heritage from them), let alone that it was the result of “genocide” or “racism” (speciesism, perhaps?).

    1. I agree with pheeno. This is a troll, trying to derail the thread and change the subject to “racism” towards Neanderthals.

      1. And I’m not a hypocrite. I’ve never dismissed or belittled or ignored other genocides besides the Shoah. It just happens to be the one that most directly affected my family, and me in turn.

        1. Donna – my post missed a word – I meant to say “accurately” describing Donna. I hope that was clear, because wtf.

      1. Thank you. It was kind of a shock to be called a hypocrite about this kind of thing, and to be implicitly criticized for “all my posts” about it. But now I realize that the person couldn’t possibly have been serious.

  3. My feeling about this is that if she gets sentenced to 5 years in prison, the George Zimmermans of this world should get sentenced to 50. As that clearly hasn’t happened, I can only see her home release as a good thing.

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