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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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22 thoughts on Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

  1. Our local paper wrote a piece about homelessness among youth and used the term “sexual preference” – sometimes, I feel like screaming.

    24 year old Gizzy Fowler is the tenth trans woman of color to be murdered in the US in 2014.

    Pittsburgh’s score in the HRC Municipal Equality Index increased, mainly due to external factors, but I expect everyone to jump up and down about it. As they do. In spite of the fact, that we’ve made no progress on trans issues since 2002.

    I’m proud to announce that I’ve been invited to join Most Wanted Fine Art as a blogger artist in residence in 2015. I’ve got a great project planned.

    1. And once again, the standard warning for anyone clicking though: Sue’s content is often cissexist and she doesn’t engage with anyone who points this out. Read at your own risk.

      [Moderator note for readers: bookshopcat has refused to expand/clarify on these objections in #spillover as repeatedly requested. Others have disagreed with bookshopcat about this characterisation of Sue's content and bookshopcat has declined to engage with them. The giraffe is decidedly unimpressed with bookshopcat's behaviour.]

      1. [Moderator note: bookshopcat, if you continue to ignore the several moderator notes which have been directed at you regarding this matter now, and refuse to discuss this in spillover as requested, then your future comments will be filtered to the discard bin rather than the automoderation queue. This is your final warning.]

    1. All very good points. It is difficult to unpack how a creative young woman creates so much fear and anxiety by making a TV show and writing a book.

      1. It’s reality in insurance across the land. Cartoon is saved, and thank you for reminding me what I left behind.

  2. This is a personal history illustrating the dire and harmful effects of the criminalization of prostitution in the US. It gives predators a lot of power to harm us, as readers will see. One sex worker dies, another is dying, and I’ve been permanently injured and raped.

    TW: extreme violence against women, description of rape and sexual assault

    Life, Death, and Trust

  3. TW for frank discussion of rape/sexual assault.

    This Thursday at 11 a.m. PST, I’ll be hosting yet another Reddit discussion on sexual assault. This time on the common public misconception that if it wasn’t reported or charged legally that it “doesn’t count” psychologically.

    Link to my last discussion:

    If you follow my name, you’ll link to the new one when it starts. Or just keep an eye on the Front Page (hopefully!).

  4. There are trigger warnings everywhere, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    My blog is about deeply analysing board games, as Ludo and Card games, in the same vain Anita Sarkeesian does. But, if that bores you, I write about my life as well as about present issues like shirtgate:

    But if you aren’t interested in this deeply sexist issue, here is the main page:

    Have fun while reading, and drop me a note about what you think about it.

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