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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Promote yourself.

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18 thoughts on Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

  1. Four female characters from TV and film that would make badass costumes. At least for me.

    Guest blog post exploring Halloween and gender conformity in early 20th Century Pittsburgh – with news clippings. Fascinating.

    My birthday was earlier this week. For kicks, I googled a “lost” childhood friend whom I haven’t seen in 35 years. And I found her. She lives just a few miles from our childhood neighborhood. Wow.

  2. Rachel shared her story about how the legal battles over birth control access affected her personally as a college student in the 1960s, and how those battles still rage on today. Some themes have been recurring over and over again for the past century — arguments over the right to have sex without fear of pregnancy, the right to female bodily autonomy, the right to access appropriate health care without government intervention. Sound familiar?

    All other material at the blog this week was election coverage, though you might be interested in this interview with a school board candidate who talks about her district’s trans-inclusive anti-discrimination policy, which she says was the first in the nation.

  3. Over at delagar, I post about my latest short story publication (yay me!) which went live at Strange Horizons this week: read about it here, at Dream Cakes.

    There’s also a link to a podcast, so you can listen if you like!

  4. Busy couple weeks on my blog. I share some thoughts on how women are required to be men in “I am a man,” getting only halfway through before I revert to geeking out about Doctor Who, which I also did in the posts “Kill the moon?” and “Goodness had nothing to do with it.”

    Also I blogged about being a panelist at Seattle’s Geek Girl con–I was invited by Washington Lawyers for the Arts to contribute to a discussion of fanfiction, copyright, and the law.

  5. This past week or so (probably longer) on Kiss My Wonder Woman:

    GeekGirlCon – Interviews in Artist’s Alley, Part 1 and Part 2

    Agents of SHIELD has leveled up the awesome in season 2

    Gone Girl subverts the ‘Woman in Peril’ genre

    The Book of Life is the charming, diverse, lady-friendly kids’ movie we’ve been waiting for

    Marvel and DC are in a diversity arms race, and everyone is winning

    Tune in this week for looks at Constantine, Jane the Virgin, The Raven Boys, and more!

  6. Thank you for this opportunity! the traffic to my blog noticeably increased 🙂
    This week I have been wondering about the nature of the institution of marriage and its effect on a woman’s career :
    Is it possible to have your own kind of marriage?
    I regret abandoning my career when I got married.
    I also chronicled the difficulties of rejoining the labour market after a housewife career break:
    In which I realise that any job is better than no job
    is it ever a good career move to take a minimum wage job
    the checkout is the best motivator
    one week at the deli counter is worth one year of counselling
    reluctantly applying for the dream job
    Finally I touched on simple ways I am using to get to know myself better : How choosing clothes taught me who I am
    To round it all off, I wrote about the illusion of the happy life on a farm
    Thank you for this opportunity to link!

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