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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Promote yourself.

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28 thoughts on Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

  1. A couple of things this week which might be of interest. Firstly, the British sports minister made some incredible comments about how women should get into sports which allows them to remain “radiant” and “feminine” and wear sequinned socks… High Performing Women: On Sports and Sparkly Socks

    and a friend pointed out how switching the genders of characters in Wind in the Willows radically changed the work, causing some thoughts on literature and “Settings of Desire”

  2. I have been very busy lately.

    I run a small press, and we’re putting out a steampunk serial for free on the blog. Parts 1, 2, 3 [CN: violence, peril, PG-13 sexual content, alcohol] Part 4 will be available this coming Friday.

    [CN; disability] A quick report on AnachroCon, including a panel which got to talking about writing disabled characters. (Two of us with disabilities were on it)

    [CN: sex discussion] I hosted author Peter Tupper for a guest blog.

    [CN: religious parody] Just for fun, Roddenberry 1: 1-5

    [CN: disability, clutter, religious parody] And I cleaned my son’s room after his departure for the Army.

  3. My Berlin Film Festival coverage continued!

    Day 4: (Is the Man who is Tall Happy?, Finding Vivian Maier, Blind)

    Day 5: (Guidelines, Top Girl, Fucking Different XXY)

    Day 6: (The Dog, Vulva 3.0, Sto Spiti, Iieji)

    Day 7: (boyhood, obietnica, the darkside, calvary)

    Day 8: (unfriend, 52 tuesdays, through a lense darkly: Black photographers and the emergence of a people)

    Day 9: (Al Midan, Nymphomaniac Part 1)

  4. There’s been some backlash from centrist Democrats against populist leaders like Elizabeth Warren and Bill DeBlasio. As someone who is uninspired by many of the candidates the Democratic Party puts up, I argue that infighting that pushes the party to embrace progressive positions could be a good thing.

    I also put together a collection of moving and thoughtful responses to the hung jury on the murder charge for Michael Dunn, who killed unarmed black teenager Jordan Davis.

  5. Over at Fit, Feminist, and (Almost) Fifty:

    Can the UFC handle a female Roy Nelson? Or is it all Rouseys?

    Why don’t journalists tell us the weights of female athletes?


    A picture is worth a thousand words?

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