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The 22

The House is voting tomorrow on the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act. The anti-VAWA Republicans are introducing their own version of the bill, which removes protections for people in same-sex relationships and weakens provisions to allow courts on Native lands to prosecute non-Native Americans who commit violence on tribal lands. If the Republican version fails — and I hope it will — then the House will take up the more comprehensive version of the bill already passed in the Senate. The fact that VAWA remains controversial, and particularly that Republicans would want to make prosecutions more difficult on tribal lands and strip protections from people who suffer intimate partner violence from a member of the same sex, is stunning, though not surprising. There are 22 senators opposing VAWA, including Republican It Boy and Poland Springs spokesman Marco Rubio. The Ms Foundation for Women has brought a little levity (along with some eduction) to the issue with this parody video, which I am helping them disseminate, featuring the queen of the revenge tune, Ms. [fake] Taylor Swift:

[Lyrics are at the YouTube page]

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  1. The House version of the bill also removes protections for trans women that were in the Senate version of the bill. This is a travesty because trans women are more likely to suffer abuse than cis women but less likely to report it because of how transphobic the criminal justice system is:

    The Senate version of the bill also has new provisions to protect women who are undocumented immigrants. These women are often hesitant to report abuse to authorities due to threat of deportation. The House version strips these protections also:

    1. But LotusBecca, if we let undocumented immigrant women report some crimes committed against them without being deported, then they might start reporting other crimes committed against them, and eventually they’ll start thinking they’re actually people and deserve to be treated as such.

      And we can’t be having with that. Not when the white man hegemony is in such a precarious state.

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