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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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  1. Quite a BDSM focus to some stuff, one of my partners and I got interviewed by XOJaneUK

    I wrote something for Queers for Jesus about submission.

    My reaction to #transdocfail, Suzanne Moore and why feminism must include trans* people

  2. Why I stopped “hate watching” and am now looking forward to the new season of Girls.

    I also wrote a brief post about my city making the Advocate’s list of 15 gayest cities in the US, and why the state as a whole still fails when it comes to LGBT rights.

  3. The Problem With a Hard of Hearing Darth Vader : A youtube video has become extremely popular suggesting that Darth Vader cannot hear because of his helmet. The problem is that it encourages people to laugh at disability.

    Steampunk and the Nostalgic Blinkers of Victorian London : Steampunk has become a very popular genre the problem is that in this wave of nostalgia many isms or problematic elements of that society are being erased.

    The Walking Dead Game : Yes, The Walking Dead has been turned into a video game and this post discusses the good and bad in terms of social justice.

    Lost Girl, Season Three, Episode One: Caged Fae : Lost Girl has started a new season but unfortunately, the first episode is anti-feminist and transphobic.

  4. ‘Django Unchained,’ Quentin Tarantino’s Broken Clock Moment: Though there are several problematic elements with Django and Tarantino’s response to his critics, is it possible he might have added to the discussion about slavery and racism?

    The Problem With The At Home Stomach Pump: Yes, now there is a device that allows people to pump food directly from their stomachs after eating. The problem of course is that this is nothing more than medically assisted bulimia.

    I Always Wanted to Know….. : The editors of Madame Noire (a Black woman’s magazine) and the White editors of The Frisky sit down for a conversation on interracial dating. This is the first in a series where Black and White women will be sitting down to discuss historical issues surrounding race and gender.

    Teens React to Online Bullying: A look at teens responding to the suicide of a young girl who was slut shamed and why it seems that some are starting to get this is wrong.

  5. Here’s one: the absolute power of privilege, as demonstrated by two dudes carrying guns around a neighborhood in the name of ‘education’. Nothing like having actual experience to point out what utter bullshit these excuses are. So one Black Panther, armed with a black beret, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more dangerous than a visibly armed white dude, after how many white dudes with guns have killed how many people since Aurora?

    How some poeple try to get away with misogyny by offering literary female mouthpieces. And how others accept it.

  6. Stuff I’ve written this week:

    I must have missed that part of PCU… : On how the right wing comparison between homosexuality and pedophilia, even to the point of suggesting that pedophilia will become the next big civil rights causes, points to a fundamental disregard for the concept of consent.

    Update on “contempt of cop” cases: Two more cases in which someone gave a police officer the finger, was arrested for “disorderly conduct” in violation of their freedom of speech, and the court later dropped all charges. Being rude to the police: still rather dumb, but not criminal.

  7. Both articles are in Bulgarian.

    An 11year roma girls has given birth to a child. Instead of talking about sexual assault and the conditions in which something like that happens, almost everything that has been said already in the public sphere is how repulsive roma people are or snide and sexist remarks about something that is basically rape of a minor.

    I have hear many times people claim that “the woman has the ultimate power, she says if there will be sex or not” but this bothers me. Is that somehow wrong? Isn’t that the idea of sex, to do something that you BOTH want to and not only one of the participants?

  8. A whole lot of rumors have been swirling around about leukemia deaths resulting from Fukushima. But all I hear is a lot of hype without any sustenance to back it up. I decided to examine the facts about the link between cancer and nuclear radiation exposure. What is NOT Science

  9. Campaign for Southern Equality is traveling across the south holding marriage equality events/rallies in most southern states. Gay and lesbian couples apply for marriage licenses and are refused, including some who are already married in other states.

    We had over 100 public supporters in the most right-wing county in the USA, which I count as progress.

  10. If the US and UK wanted, they could eliminate the Taliban in two days. They brought them and they can get rid of them. Now they are trying to leave Afghanistan isolated. I don’t understand why the foreign forces would leave now, because they just ensure that the next Afghan crisis will be bigger. Our young people have never lived without bloodshed, and the hunger of youth is a great weapon for fundamentalists. When the conservatives come back they will shoot all these women who have been fighting for justice.

    Dr Monisa Hassan

  11. Submissions are open for the February Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival to be posted on Valentine’s Day and all about Feminism and Love. Submit today!:

    I’m participating in One Word 365 and focusing on the word “present” for the whole year:

    My husband is a ‘mansumer’ – a man who does the shopping. There’s a term for it because it’s a thing now, and man-centered advertising is following. We need to be careful of that hyper-masculinity, and here’s why:

  12. We are thrilled to debut our newest blog series, which details the birth control pill’s amazing history! Exciting scientific discoveries about human physiology, combined with feminist agitation for women’s control over their own fertility, gave us a tiny little pill that changed the world — for the better!

    In the first installment, learn about early research into hormones and Margaret Sanger’s dreams for a “magic pill,” which she envisioned more than 100 years ago!

  13. Do you like to read Wikipedia? How about–do you like to EDIT Wikipedia? Do you care about wiping out transphobia? If so, please help me!

    I have been involved in helping write the Wikipedia article on Laura Jane Grace for a while. Laura Jane Grace is the lead singer of the punk rock band Against Me!, and she’s also a trans woman. For a long time, most of her article was written using the last name Grace was born with, “Gabel,” and scrupulously avoiding the words “she” and “her.” I believed this was in violation of Wikipedia policies and guidelines, as well as just being shitty and wrong. So I rewrote the article to use Grace’s current name and “she” more consistently throughout the article. Then someone undid my rewrites. Then I put the rewrites back in. So there has been a back and forth going on between people who want to respect Grace’s identity as a trans woman throughout the article and those who think doing so is “confusing.” We have also been arguing about it on a forum for discussing the Wikipedia article, known as the article’s “talk page.”

    Basically, I feel like I’m in over my head and would appreciate other people who are knowledgeable about Wikipedia coming in and helping me by arguing the case on her talk page for respecting Grace’s gender. If you do, it’s important that you know your stuff in terms of Wikipedia policies and guidelines and sound as “objective” and “impartial” as possible. This is an emotional issue for me, and I think I’ve already injured my credibility by calling some of the other editors prejudiced (calling people out in this way is a big no-no on Wikipedia) and outing myself as a trans woman and an activist. So if you already know a lot about editing Wikipedia articles and think you could give an informed and dispassionate opinion on my side of the dispute, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Here is the link to Grace’s talk page: Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide!!

  14. This week I was on holiday and intended the blog to be on hiatus till next week. But then… then Julie Burchill wrote a disgusting, hateful transphobic diatribe in the Guardian- yep, the same paper our very own Jill writes for. So here’s my response:

    Julie Burchill and trans women

    Massive, massive TW on that link, by the way, for discussions of violent transphobia, transmisogyny and racism.

    1. The more I think about this, the more depressed and sad about it I get. It’s really hard to accept that it was considered OK by the Observer/Guardian to publish this. Although comparisons like this are not always useful, it’s difficult to believe that the publication would have approved a similarly vile screed about L, G, or B, or any racial or ethnic group.

      1. It seems that The Observer has taken Burchill’s piece (of you-know-what) down, together with all the comments. Cries of censorship by the powerful trans lobby will no doubt follow.

      2. I don’t know about that.. they give Julie Bindel a platform and she’s written some fairly godawful things about bi women in her time.

        And also, if you read the article it was all started by Suzanne Moore’s quip about “Brazilian transsexuals”. So it seems like they’re doing a pretty good line in racism there already.

      1. That first link, from the Telegraph — written by the author of a biography of Pat Buchanan (!) — made me pretty uncomfortable, especially the comments; it seems to be one of those “look how leftists fight with each other, ha ha ha” kind of things.

        1. (i thought he sounded fairly even handed though):

          “Personally, I wasn’t offended by the phrase “body … of a Brazilian transsexual” – but then it’s not my place to decide what’s offensive and what’s not when it comes to transgenderism. I’ve not been born in the wrong body, fought for years for the right to change it, undergone complex surgery and then suffered the bigotry of others. Some of those who did find Moore’s line unamusing asked her on Twitter if she could redact it…..”etc

          (well not “transgenderism.”
          but better then a lot of columnists,tho.
          the story quite rightly has legs,however.
          people are ripping her a new one.
          about time)

  15. This week I wrote about how my relationship with my body has changed post-figure skating…and how my resolution for 2013 is to re-connect with the person I used to be… Miraval, the health and wellness spa resort in Tucson, Arizona is also a huge part of the post!

    2013: The Year of the Quantum Leap

    I also wrote about this new workshop series that I’m participating in at Duke University called Write(H)er… my first post is about “social media branding” and how women writers can influence the world… LC Coleman from Colored Girl Confidential was our first guest and she gave an amazing workshop on blogging and the importance of a woman to carve out her own space to express herself.


      1. Wait, scratch that, that comment was not emphatic enough. The entire blog is super-awesome. I’m bookmarking it. Thanks!

        1. Yes, I hope more readers here go to her blog and offer support. She gets an awful lot of hate mail and hate comments.

  16. Not a promotion, just well, sharing a gross dating pro with ya’ll (ugh). I belong to a meetup group that just had a teleconf on dating with an “expert” answering questions, whoa, feminine mystique anyone? Women don’t want to pursue, they want to be pursued, gah. Anyhow, I went to his website and read this gem: where he tells an endearing story about how it was so awesome when his wife said to him “I just want to please you” and then after he gushed about it, his wife said “You know what’s funny? If you had said those exact words to me…I would have found it absolutely repulsive.” He sez: “If the masculine is so weak and indecisive that he becomes a pleaser who can’t hold his space, there’s no way a woman can respect that.” I had to post this here before I posted something truly unfortunate on the meetup group.

    The dating guru says “As always, I’d love to hear your comments in the space below!” and with Jill away maybe you’ll get bored and comment for him 🙂

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