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Well, hello there.

I’m very pleased to be guest-blogging here at Feministe for the next two weeks.

I’m a filmmaker and I teach first year film and video production classes at a film school in Chicago (and do a lot of freelance and temp work to keep a roof over my head and pay for health insurance). I’ve also worked extensively in the foreign aid business and for non-profits as a project manager and proposal writer. I’m straight, white, cis, fat, and depressed on and off (currently ON). I like dystopian YA novels, cooking, taking photos, the genius caption writers at The Economist, pre-code “women’s” pictures, studying how fucked up the 1950s were vs. the weird alternate reality described in conservative nostalgia, and films that pass the Bechdel Test. I abuse parentheses and ellipses like an 8th grader, and I have a really evil laugh.

I blog at The blog was born out of learning to be assertive completely from scratch as an adult, a fascination with advice columns and the glimpses they give you into people’s stories, and from wanting to consistently produce something creative that would not eat money and time the way filmmaking does. It’s been really rewarding, especially because the commenters are so engaged and smart and helpful.

I’ve been saving a few Captain Awkward letters to post here this week, and also hope to post about filmmaking, teaching, advice and advice columns, work, dating, friendship, and whatever else catches my fancy.

13 thoughts on Well, hello there.

  1. Sienna, I shouldn’t really confirm or deny that. But it’s my alma mater, too. What are you doing post-graduation?

  2. Hi! I read and comment at Captain frequently and I think you’re awesome. Also, I’m still a big fan of The Giver.

  3. I’m re-reading The Forest of Hands and Teeth. AWESOME world-building (post zombie apocalypse, villages are run by nuns) but really tiresome love triangle. Who will the heroine marry? I DON’T CARE. MORE ZOMBIE-FIGHTING NUNS, PLZ THANKS.

  4. Haha, I feel you! When I was reading The Hunger Games trilogy I was like, “I’m not team Gale or team Peeta- I’m team Katniss!”

  5. yay! I’m glad you’re posting here. Your blog feeds my love of advice columns in the best way and I love to comment all over your posts. As you can obviously tell. By this comment.

  6. junk:
    I love how feministe has so many good chicago people 😉

    David from Manboobz and I have an ongoing Scrabble rivalry, and Commander Logic and I’ve been thinking of organizing some kind of Feminist Blogger Scrabble Tournament (With Pie). Chicago!

  7. Captain Awkward:
    Sienna, I shouldn’t really confirm or deny that.But it’s my alma mater, too.What are you doing post-graduation?

    Oops, my bad. I shouldn’t have imposed. I’m sorry about that. I’m currently doing an internship at a casting office.

    Welcome, btw. Hope you enjoy your brief stay!

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