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The Trouble With Howard Stern

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O.K., I’ll cop to it. I was just about ready to cheer on Howard Stern’s "jihad" against the Bush administration; I was almost ready to accept the story that he was canned from Clear Channel as retribution for his anti-Bush stance (rather than, say, because of Clear Channel’s financial worries about escalating FCC enforcement and the $495,000 they recently paid out in fines), and to welcome him to the fold as a funny guy with a lot of fans and media connections that could help our cause in November. I was, in short, perilously close to forgetting what a halfwit misogynist twerp Howard Stern really is.

Then I heard that he’s bankrolling a remake of Porky’s, the 1982 backlash blockbuster that spawned a generation of astonishingly mean-spirited sex farces centered on teenage boys leering at, manipulating, and humiliating young women. And it’s all coming back to me now.

Sorry Howard, you’re on your own this time.

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