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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

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  1. Cat– The True Threat to Marriage

    Distracted by strife over same-sex marriage, we fail to notice the subversive element– sneaking around, hiding in our beds, throwing up in our closets…

    Celebrity Debris

    He’s 84, she’s 24 what could it be but true love? Some encouraging words to Crystal Harris on her engagement to Hugh Hefner. Men are living longer these days. They may have many, many years together…

  2. This week I wrote about the Maxwell House ad that appropriates “Jessica’s Daily Affirmation.” I argue that this is a particularly emotionally manipulative form of advertising. Not only do they use a private family moment in the ad, but they also cut the affirmation so that Jessica is no longer discussing her love of school and her family, but is instead discussing her appearance and her things. This changes Jessica’s message to one that is much more materialistic than it was in the original video.

  3. Shock and Congress: We, the people, are in danger of losing our liberties and our livelihoods if we allow ourselves to become overwhelmed or distracted while our leaders are deciding whose interests to finance and whose to forfeit.

    Pioneering Democracy in a Corporatist State: Citizens United v. FEC makes corporatism more than just one (albeit powerful) influence on our political system. It requires that corporatism be incorporated into our political system. What can we do in the long term to combat the structure of corporatism and the trend of steamrolling private citizens?

    Turns Out I Was A Swan: Ivan E. Coyote’s “Femme Piece” is good for when you feel invisible, when your feet hurt, when you’re awkwardly shorter than your partner or equally awkwardly taller; when you work really hard and nobody notices; when your body just feels wrong or you’re navigating uncharted territory or when you wish you didn’t need someone to protect you, but you do.

  4. I started a tumblr this week called Keep Your Boehner Out of My Uterus. It’s full of Boehner memes. I’d love to include your submission.

    On my blog, I wrote a post about Texas state representatives who stood up for choice, women, and children. They fought the good fight even when they knew the battle was lost. I thank them.

    Also, combining my skill as a historian and my identity as a feminist, I have started a series for women’s history month. First up, the story of Yarico, a seventeenth-century indigenous woman whose lover sold her into slavery.

  5. I’ve had a busy week at BTTHF: For Women’s History Month, I have a bio of author and activist Angela Davis, and what she means to us today:

    I also dug one out of the vault concerning women and the advent of agriculture at the dawn of the Neolithic period:

    To finish off the trifecta, I wrote a brief history of Roe v. Wade and what it means to women today:

    Last but not least, I go on an F-bomb laden rant toward the Rethuglican Party concerning SB5 in Ohio:

  6. Cat– The True Threat to Marriage

    Distracted by strife over same-sex marriage, we fail to notice the subversive element– sneaking around, hiding in our beds, throwing up in our closets…

    Celebrity Debris

    He’s 84, she’s 24 what could it be but true love? Some encouraging words to Crystal Harris on her engagement to Hugh Hefner. Men are living longer these days. They may have many, many years together…

  7. This week I wrote a piece about how the long passage of time since my sex reassignment surgery has distanced me from the Transgender Movement and how many other causes have become more important, including both causes I was involved in prior to coming out (anti-imperialism/anti-war) and those I’ve become involved with since (feminism, environment, species preservation, lesbian rights) all of which lead me to conclude I’m not really very trans-centric.
    I actually see a need to move beyond single issues identity politics and wonder why trans-activism falls on the shoulders of so few, why there isn’t space for more than single issue.

  8. I discussed why Tiger Beatdown’s tweeted “Bible Science” dig alienates feminists with religious backgrounds and furthers the already strong divide between secular and religious feminists:

    I reacted to Jay Rosen’s fantastic PressThink piece on bloggers v. journalists, and discussed how the privilege inherent in the journalism industry has contributed to the rise of blogging as well as the conflict between journalists and bloggers (and why it’s possible to be both):

  9. I yell at a poster that erases survivors and pretends that no one gets raped in the radical left (D:)

    One theory on how the Suffragist movement used sexist tropes to rally support for the 19th Amendment:

    “Those Other Oppressed People Want a Piece of Your Cookie:” trying to parse the privilege dynamics in polysexual identities:

    One thing I find attractive about genderqueer people, and one thing I wish could happen:

    More thoughts on the proper usage of trigger warnings:

  10. These are my thoughts on the relationship between theory and reality, what to do with experiences we don’t have symbols for, understanding each other, and the .

  11. I wrote this piece about Qaddafi’s female guards, images of which have led to all kinds of speculation which is at least as revealing about the speculators as about the female soldiers depicted. It led to a pretty interesting discussion in the comments on how radically unlike “GI Barbies” they are:

    And my co-blogger Carla Fran wrote a terrific post thinking through the implications of being what she never thought she’d be: a Stay-At-Home-Girlfriend:

  12. My main post this week was about street harassment, and in particular trying to come up with an image that would explain why “if women said I looked good, I’d be pleased” is not an appropriate response: On the threat of being wanted (I labelled this one with trigger warnings for discussion of rape and harassment issues).

    I also posted my recipe for cheese straws with pictures of myself baking them!

    In utter shameless self-promotion, I have finally uploaded my CD covering about 15 years of my song writing to bandcamp.

  13. This week at Yes Means Yes Blog:

    Many readers will have seen this, because it was linked at Feministing and Shakesville. I discuss at length research by Professor Terri Conley at the University of Michigan. Her major finding was that gender differences in interest in casual sex disappear when controlling for risk and perceived reward. Her findings also heavily undermine some of the familiar evolutionary psychology arguments, and cast doubt on the notion that the kind of offer used in previous casual sex studies, a broad-daylight approach on the street from a stranger, is representative of anything.

  14. Tools to combat princess culture–> The Princess & the (downward-Facing) Dog feat. Peggy Orenstein, Jessica Weiner and LA-based mini yogis yoga teacher and founder, Shana Meyerson

  15. I weighed in on “Nice Guys” and the articles everyone’s talking about.

    Along similar lines, Danny reposted an older article about geek culture, and men and women.

    The latest in stupid Facebook memes.

    The Story of Citizens United is out!!

    Two completely obnoxious articles about mothers and their Facebook behavior propelled me to write about how dangerous it is to use your pet as your Facebook picture, and that about that terrible article about how looking at pictures of married and babied friends’ pictures on Facebook can make single people feel… vindictively happy with their own life?

  16. Hi I hope promoting my research is acceptable!

    From facebook to twitter to youtube, the Internet plays an increasingly important role in our lives. As well as giving us access to previously unthinkable amounts of information, it helps us connect with friends and share things about ourselves and our lives, and share the things we create. As the world becomes, in a sense, more digital, questions are raised about how this affects how we think of ourselves and relate to others.

    I am a Phd researcher at the University of Edinburgh doing Sociological research into people’s use of social networking sites and other modern social sites, looking at how people communicate and present themselves on these sites.

    I am interested in what people feel these sites allow them to express about themselves and their identities, as well as about the way in which gender and other aspects of identity influence how they choose to present themselves and interact online.

    I am looking for volunteers to share their thoughts and experiences of using social networking sites in one-on-one interviews, which would be conducted through instant messenger.

    Your contributions would be entirely anonymous, and it would be great to hear from you about your experiences and opinions!

    Please email me at if you would be interested in taking part and tell me your timezone and availability and what IM client(s) you use.

  17. Lately on Kloncke:

    > My Marxist-feminist group and I bring a class analysis to one of the many nationwide pro-choice marches last weekend.

    > A genderqueer student militant organizing with my partner at Laney College, in Oakland, while agitating for gender-neutral bathrooms and slashes to school security funding (demanding more safety; less “safety”), was tackled violently to the ground by police, arrested on false charges, and held in jail. (They’ve since been released, with much support from fellow student organizers.)

    > And I share a story of navigating polyamorous identity with a monogamous partner, in the context of a loving, nonjudgmental relationship.

    Hope everyone’s had a great week!


  18. This is what I posted about this week:

    What I read in February:

    Tom Hanks poking fun of toddler beauty pageants (priceless video!):

    Pentecostal British couple unable to foster children because of homophobic views:

    Global Bob Marley mashup (to “Redemption Song”):

    On the incredible power of shared experience, especially in the midst of crisis:

    “Everything Is Going to Be Great” (book review):

    African-American woman sues the author of “The Help”:

    Book review of “The Book of Fires” (about an unwed pregnant woman in 18th century England, who becomes an apprentice of a fireworks master):

  19. Edit to my comment at #54… the second link was wrong. It is correct below.

    Some people claim that whites are oppressed. Certain evidence suggests that whites enjoy heaps of unspoken privilege. YOU DECIDE.

  20. Pretty mixed bag this week.

    Turns out that if you factor out low expectation sex with a new partner will be enjoyable and safe then gender-bound theories about why women “really” choose to have sex start looking unnecessarily complicated: If a Sufficient but Simpler Solution is Preferable Then Terri Conley’s Pleasure Theory Outcompetes Sexual Strategy Theory.  It’s a complex paper that used a ton of different approaches but the upshot is you don’t need totally different explanations for why men and women (duh.)

    The poster child in the latest “most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb” billboard made me wonder what the pro-lifers who designed it are really thinking. Ever Notice How Much the Anti-Abortion Debate Relies on Racial, and Often Racist Stereotypes? (Especially considering Huckabee’s rant about Natalie Portman.)

    M’Kay, Time to Stop: 18-Year-Old Selena Gomez is Not a “Cougar” for Dating a 17-Year-Old. It’s about what it looks like it’s about: dumb age and gender assumptions.

    Senior New Zealand Police Minister Continues to Endorse, Encourage, Enable Prison Rape. Which is a shame. Even with rape and sexual assault rates falling elsewhere, prison is still a repository of not only perpetrators but victims. Consequently jokes about it are really uncalled for. (Plus, by definition, condoning prison rape as “part of the punishment” by definition rewards prison rapists.)


  21. Selling Sex: How Abolitionist Feminists Hurt Sex Workers

    This is the first article in my series on Sex Worker’s Rights, published on March 3 to mark International Sex Worker’s Rights Day. In this series of articles I will explore the links between globalization, migration, the ‘rescue industry’, the fight against HIV/AIDs, and the recent crackdown on the global sex industry via anti-trafficking policies, while sharing interviews with sex workers and leaders in the sex worker’s rights movement.

  22. National Women’s Political Caucus of Washington blog:

    Limited Service Pregnancy Centers: Unapologetically Selling Women Lies and Deception

    A viewing of the documentary 12th & Delaware in Seattle sponsored by NARAL Pro-Choice WA Foundation.

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