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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

I guess Jill is still suffering from that acute dial-up AOL affliction in Seattle.  We’re thinking of you, Jill!

Everyone else, show me what you’ve got.

Oh, and for those who are keeping track from last week’s Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday — Part Two of my series on Yoko Ono is up.

26 thoughts on Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

  1. This past week has been all about holiday frippery at Kittywampus. But I had a couple of substantive posts at the end of the previous one, which I didn’t shamlessly hawk at the time, so …

    I vented about the unpublicized sexual side effects of anti-depressants (and yes, I value their place in saving people’s lives, but I believe people ought to have complete information so they can weigh potential risks and benefits). In terms of gender, this is a pretty equal-opportunity issue (equally messed up, that is!). But it has been neglected as part of our culture’s overall contempt for the body, so I see it as ripe for feminist analysis.

    Also, I explored the crucial role vulnerability plays in sex. I think men and women may tend to experience this somewhat differently, but I argue that opening ourselves up to a partner meets a basic human need. And I get in a couple of digs at Cosmo along the way.

  2. Lots of different cancer related articles and hours and hours of work on changing platforms. A piece about BPA and the FDA

    And a brief blurb about Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend getting pregnant (after testicular cancer that’s a big deal)

    I’ve been spending quite a bit of time working on the resources pages of my blog. Any additional resources or feedback would be appreciated.

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the demise of the movements in the 1960s-70 as part of a book I am working on.

    Alternative lifestyle is not a synonym for same sex fucking.

    I’ve been reading a lot of Noam Chomsky lately. I just finished “Imperial Ambitions” I started thinking about how just reading the news from alternative sources like BBC and being aware of America’s actions in the world cause you to see things differently from those who are ignorant of things like imperialism.

  4. A couple of Christmas-related things to start with:

    First up, I compare and contrast the texts of, and government reactions to, two different Christmas messages – the Pope’s, and President Armadinejad’s, and wonder why the Pope’s hate speech didn’t get the same reaction as Armadinejad’s message.

    I also provided a list of tunes that I got using a Christmas present of an iTunes gift card, most of which I already had on vinyl or cassette, because I wanted to have them in my ‘puter, and can’t afford a USB turntable. I posted the list because I wanted to share a few via the youTube videos.

    Outside of Christmas stuff, I had a crack at writing a crash course in sex-positive feminism for a socialist who was being a git about sex workers’ rights. I also wrote about the UK Government’s plans for a website rating system like that used for movies – apparently, they’re keen to persuade President Obama’s administration to sign up to making it international!

  5. This week at Sociological Images we had a couple of good posts:

    In one, we discussed how women of color, when they are included in advertising aimed at the “mainstream,” tend to the be subordinated in various ways:

    In another, we collected a set of ads in which “hunting” was used as a metaphor for dating and sex:

    We hope you “enjoy” them!

  6. I just finished Noam Chomsky’s “Imperial Ambitions” and I’ve been thinking a lot about how some people view the world with a limited level of awareness, in part because they choose to view it through only the main stream media. But how others have a greater level of awareness of the sort one gets from Chomsky, Zinn and others.

    I’ve been reading a book about the 1960s underground press and how it started totarget various groups living “alternative Lifestyles” this is different from the corrupted use of the term as applied to LGBT/T people’s sex acts.

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